Monday, October 22, 2012

makeup inspiration: becca

(image source: becca

time for a little inspirational post. out of all makeup brand promotional pictures, becca cosmetics advertisements are my absolute favorite. the above picture showcases exactly why i love becca girls. the makeup is flawless, from the chiseled cheekbones to the rich berry shade on her lips. i really love her dark hair with this lip color. i feel like it just works, you know?

in case you were wondering, she is wearing the ultimate color gloss in berry twist. if you click the image source above you can see a complete breakdown on what they used on the model. or if you wanted to see it action on a blogger, xiao at messy wands just did a post with it and it looks so great on her.

what is with my bold lip fascination lately? i need to satiate this "need". so many products to choose from! hmm...

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