Thursday, October 11, 2012

cargo blush: tonga

cargo's tonga is probably the most famous and popular shade in their blush line up. this is either due to it being such a neutral and easy shade or because it is whispered to be jennifer aniston's go to shade. who knows if the latter is even true. for me, tonga is one of my most used blushes.


think along the lines of nars douceur and tarte exposed (i dont own these shades so i am venturing in the realm of assumption here). a matte and very neutral dusty pink. it is very unimpressive looking in the pan; however on the face it works wonders. it has the ability to uplift the face and naturally sculpt. it works with every look and never looks too harsh or jarring. it is extremely easy to wear and fool proof to apply.


i know i sound like a broken record with these cargo texture run downs but i can hardly complain or express enough on how great the texture is. never chalky and always easy to blend. this shade is especially easy to apply and wear because the shade is so neutral and natural looking.

from left to right: mac melba, cargo tonga, mac tenderling. tonga is quite a pink toned neutral. tenderling is much more beige and melba is much more peach.


shades like tonga are an absolute staple to have in your makeup arsenal. it goes with every look, is a universally flattering shade across all skin tones, and is easy to quickly apply and get out the door. if you already have similar shades you would be fine to pass in buying this, unless of course you want better texture from your blush. those who dont wear blush but are looking to start would benefit greatly with this shade as their first. those who like no nonsense application in their blush would also enjoy tonga. this is my most used shade in my cargo collection. i highly recommend it.

almost done with the cargo blush collection posts! until next time when i talk about my final shade: catalina...

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