Friday, December 14, 2012

cargo blush: catalina

Finally, I am wrapping up the CARGO blush collection posts I had started back in September. My last blush shade that is left to talk about is Catalina.


Catalina is a matte bubblegum pink. I am not a huge fan of bubblegum candy, but looking at this shade invokes fond memories of Bubble Yum gum. It has been said that the head makeup artist for the show Gossip Girl touts this as one of her favorites. I can see why as it is a pretty shade that could work for paler girls as well as darker complexions.


Catalina is very brightening on the skin. It is easy to blend and easy to layer if a stronger look is what you are after. Although it is a cool pink, which is normally a shade I have difficulty making work on my complexion, Catalina still is flattering on.

cargoTBEandcatalinaswatchFrom left to right: CARGO The Big Easy, NARS Deep Throat, MAC Well Dressed, CARGO Catalina

Catalina is the brightest pink out of the four but not the coolest as Well Dressed takes that title. It has no sheen or shimmer.


I would definitely recommend Catalina. It gives a nice dash of color with ease. If you are looking for bubblegum pink to add to your routine Catalina would be a great choice, especially since the texture is tough to beat.

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