Saturday, February 2, 2013

dior poison


Today's nail polish pick is relatively new to my collection. I say new because I haven't picked up any nail polish lately due to a promise to myself to hold back on going crazy with new collections. Dior Poison was part of a little trio collection of polishes (Orchid and Shadow were the other two shades included) Dior released called Les Violets Hypnotiques. It was released in limited locations but was made available during Nordstrom's annual sale last year. I picked up all three of the shades during this sale since they all played on nuances of deep purple and were too beautiful to pass up. Deep purples are a personal favorite of mine when it comes to polishes.


Poison is a deep indigo. When it comes to purple, I prefer when they lean more blue. It is a cream formula. It applies darker on the nail compared to how it shows in the bottle. It is quite dark but not so much that is looks black. In person you can tell it has a purple tinge to it.


This trio collection was my first experience with Dior polish. It is very thick! I am surprised but neutral about this. On one hand (hehe pun kinda?) it covers the nail with complete opacity in one coat but on the other hand the thickness makes me have to apply carefully and slowy for even coverage. I applied two coats out of habit but I could have easily gotten away with just one.

I really love this color. Dark polishes are my favorite especially when they are gray and purple. The formula isn't my favorite but I have worked with worse. The wear time is average for me (3-5 days depending if I washed dishes or not).

Unfortunately I don't think this shade is available anywhere any more. If you were curious about the collection and what the other shades looked like, check out The Beauty Look Book's post on the collection. She is one of my favorite blogs to read and she did a great post on these polishes.

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