Saturday, February 9, 2013

room snippets & makeup organization


I am not a very organized person. I wouldn't go as far to say that I am a full out slob, but I am definitely not OCD and don't mind a little mess every once in a while. Late last year I was determined to change my non organizing ways so I wanted to revamp the storage of my things since they were mostly shoved away in a sorry little stack of plastic drawers. It was not aesthetically pleasing at all. It took lots of patience and searching for my vision but here is where I am at today:


The white table is from IKEA, it is the MALM Dressing Table. It took me a lifetime to find this. It is exactly what I wanted. Simple square design, one drawer with no handle, glass top for easy wiping, white in color, decently priced. Assembly wasn't too bad, it took me about 1.5 hours to put together. The mirror is from Lowe's, it is a beveled 48x36 mirror and 1/8in thick. This was the hardest part of the setup! I hate mirror mounting.


To keep all my perfume samples in one place, I use my Urban Outfitters Helping Hands Dish. I love the look of this and it is very affordable. The white floral letter holder that is holding my palettes is from a regional store near me. The little oriental looking hexagon dish holds bobby pins and it was a gift.


The rectangle glass with the beads (holds my sister's brushes) and the green sea glass cup (my brushes) are from Michael's. My glass skull holder is from TJ Maxx, it was around $5. It holds Q-tips and my eyelash curler. The perforated metal cup holds my eyeliners and mascara. It is actually a tea candle holder from Urban Outfitters. The mirrored jewelry box is from Urban as well. The straightener holder I believe is from Sally's, I received it as a gift.


This is just my cheek/blush collection. All my makeup plus my sister's makeup (which is a much smaller collection than mine by a mile!) fits into the one drawer this desk has. I am not entirely happy with the setup inside this drawer which is why I am not showing you what my lip and eye shadow setup looks like. I need better separators. As of right now I am using old boxes and plastic drawer inserts. What do you guys suggest? I am looking for something sturdy and either clear, black, or white.

So that is a little peak into my room/makeup setup. I just need to find a nice bench and tweak a few other things and I will be satisfied. How do you store your collection?

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