Friday, February 15, 2013

burberry lip mist in copper


When it comes to me and lipstick, on a daily basis it is more realistic of me to reach for some balm or neutral gloss and head out the door on my way. But some lipsticks I own make it easy for me, case in point - Burberry Lip Mist in Copper. It is a neutral color, easy to apply, and has a glossy finish.


The lip mist formula is really comfortable. The color on me is a natural peachy shade. There is a scent to this product, a bit floral, but I don't find it overwhelming or off-putting. This is one of my favorite lip products I have ever tried and I really recommend it. For someone who isn't an avid lipstick wearer, Burberry's lip mists are a great start. I really enjoy the finish and feel so of course I am interested in more shades. I have my eye on Blueberry next.

The only negative about this product is it is soft and tends to be a bit melty in texture in the tube causing the bullet to slide around. I have to apply this on my lips very gently in fear of breaking it. I didn't want to show you guys the state my bullet is in because it is quite a sorry sight.

Have you tried the lip mist formula? If not I really recommend you check it out! Happy Friday my dear readers. I hope you have fun or relaxing plans.

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