Monday, February 18, 2013

the basics: products I have hit pan on


I think I speak for beauty bloggers everywhere when I say that hitting pan on a product is a big deal. At first it seemed to be a rare occurrence to me since I enjoy variety and like to switch things up in my makeup routine. But as I get older and lazier I have started to stick to a certain routine for my base makeup (for the most part) causing me to be able to see the shiny pan marking the beginning of the end of a product. These are the products I currently have hit pan on. Some are absolute staples and are used almost if not every day while others are just stuck in my routine and I am determined to use it up.


Not an absolute favorite but I certainly think it is a decent product. I haven't dabbled much in powders if I am being honest, the only other powder I have used is the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural which I like more than this. But, like I said, I think this is a decent product especially for being inexpensive. It doesn't feel or look cakey and it takes away shine. It doesn't keep oil at bay for long but for the price point this is at I don't think that is a deal breaker. I would repurchase this if I was in a pinch and needed something quick.

This is a staple product for me. I think these trios are seriously underrated in the beauty community. The texture is spectacular, the packaging is compact and this particular color option is invaluable. The brule-like color matches me so well, it just blends right into my skin tone, so of course it is the first color I hit pan on. I usually apply the cream color all over the lid then blend a mixture of the medium brown (similar to MAC Cork or Wedge) and dark brown (similar to MAC Brun or Espresso) into my crease and outer corner. This is a no-brainer item. I would definitely repurchase and prefer this over my MAC counterparts.


NARS Laguna, one of the most talked about beauty items ever. Some hate it, some love it, some feel neutral. I would say I am in between the love it and neutral ground. I like Laguna and I would repurchase it. I reach for this compact for two reasons: nights out and traveling. I feel like Laguna looks best for nights out or events since it isn't matte. It isn't sparkly but I do think it adds a certain glow. I also always have this in my travel makeup bag when I go on trips. Having a blush/bronzer duo makes everything easier for travel.

I featured this in my highlighter collection post so if you want to see swatches feel free to check that it out. This is a favorite amongst MAC artists and I can see why. It makes skin look really healthy and it blends seamlessly. Hush has a peachy tone making it look skin-like and not harsh the way some champagne or white highlighters can be. This also is great for pairing up with powder highlighters if you want to make your highlight really stand out. A favorite combo of mine is this with NARS Albatross on top, something I normally pull out for special events.

This shade holds a bit of nostalgia for me since it was the first MAC shadow I ever purchased. It is a lustre finish which is the known finish in the MAC eye shadow world for being a nightmare. Tempting however is the exception to the known. It is richly pigmented without the fallout. When I first started using it I would just blend this out all over the lid and call it good. I now only do that when i feel like rocking a smokey eye. On a daily basis I usually smudge this over my bottom lash line since the shimmers make it look pretty.

I am happy I have this little set of items that I have hit pan on and can consider staples. I hope to add a blush to this at one point but since I am a blush fiend it is so hard to stick to one blush. What do you consider staples? Do you have quite a few items you have hit pan on?

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  1. I love hitting pan on makes me feel like I'm getting my $'s worth &(makes up for all the stuff I tossed) lol