Friday, February 22, 2013

my world: injecting personailty into the vain

I realized something. My favorite blogs that I thoroughly and genuinely enjoy reading not only write about beauty products, but also about THEMSELVES. I love the little snippets they share about their lifestyle, it makes me enjoy their content and look forward to reading more. It isn't just a site that churns out reviews and swatches. It's like getting to know someone and soaking in their personality, you know?


I think for the most part I have made it a point for my blog to be mostly about beauty and leave the lifestyle shenanigans out. The reason being...I lead a boring life! Despite still thinking this, I have decided to inject more personality into my blog. Every now and then I will incorporate what what I've been up to/my life. I want to show snippets of my world (I have made a label for this in my label cloud on the right column of this blog).

Of course the main focus of my blog will still be beauty (with a little travel and food thrown in the mix) so don't run away screaming yet. What you can expect to see is my attempt to sprinkle a little bit of me every now and then; my interests, my activities, etc. I will start the title of these posts with My World so that can be your cue to opt out on clicking and reading if you are simply not interested.

My creation
I recently went to visit family & friends in Detroit where we went to Drag Queen Bingo. I'm sure you are asking yourself, "What the heck is it?!" Basically you play Bingo with a drag queen being the person reading off the letters/numbers while cracking jokes. Think a comedy show with Bingo mixed in.

The audience was very responsive to this show. I personally thought it was shit. Lots of repeating the same jokes that just weren't funny. I certainly wasn't offended by the show but ALL the jokes were meant to humiliate at the expense of others and that can get very stale quickly. I think it is super popular because it heavily involves the audience. I wouldn't go back or recommend it.

One of the people I went with bought boxed water and I thought it was the strangest thing. It was definitely a novelty item since it literally is just water in a box. My sister got a chocolate cherry coffee drink which tasted exactly like its name.

I love salads (as sides or for in-between meals) and I have been really loving THIS kale salad. I usually get sick of the same meals everyday (I am the queen of variety) but I ate this everyday last week and did not tire of it. I add chicken to my recipe since I am a carnivore but you can add whatever you like.


I have been obsessed with this infinity striped scarf from GAP. It is a lengthy bundle in a neutral color while being super cozy and soft. I pretty much wear this everyday. Easy to throw on and go. I bought it recently so perhaps it is still floating around in stores?

My creation

I am not someone that has a sweet tooth or who craves sweets but I have been craving freshly baked chocolate chip cookies like mad lately. The best recipe I have tried is THIS ONE which is what I used for the (overcooked but still amazing tasting) cookie above. I have tried both methods of baking immediately without refrigeration and waiting until the next day to bake. There is a MAJOR difference. I mean both are good (who can say no to a gooey warm cookie?) but leaving the dough in the refrigerator adds this caramelizing flavor that is out of this world. Oh, and I use THESE chocolate chips. Makes a difference using quality chips, trust me!

My manicure of choice: Essie Bobbing for Baubles. While I do like bright colors and neutrals, I am truly a dark polish lover at heart. This shade is a wonderfully rich navy-gray and applies very nicely. One coat was opaque enough but I did two out of habit.

So confession, I love the show The Vampire Diaries. And when I say love, I mean I am absolutely crazy about it. I admit when I first was encouraged by a friend to watch it I scoffed and thought, another Twilight wannabe (fun fact, TVD is based off a book series and was written before Twilight. Oh & the books are a bit terrible). But one boring Sunday I noticed it was on Netflix so I sat down, said what the hell, and watched it. And the obsession began. I admit the beginning is a bit slow and a few scenes are very cringe worthy but once you get past the introduction of the characters and murky "are you a vampire" beginnings it is really great. The writers are very talented, they manage to make you ride a roller coaster of emotions that you never want off of. It is primarily aimed at a younger audience but I know plenty of adults who really enjoy the story lines and character complexities.

If you watch TVD like, this scene last night pretty much?
 photo mattTVD_zps1eff4db5.gif

Enough about me, what is new with you guys? What have you been up to? Do you watch the Vampire Diaries? If so which team are you on, Damon or Stefan? :)

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