Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the challenge: box of neglect


So I have this box. I call it the "put an item in it and if you forget about it after time you don't need it" box, or the Box of Neglect for short. A few lucky souls make it out alive when its memory lingers back to my mind. As for the rest? Forgotten and unused. The poor items in this box. They are the abandoned and rejected. Not that they are bad products. Mostly it is because I just didn't like them enough. They weren't impressionable and they were very much replaceable.

Since I do tentatively plan to try and attempt a blog sale this year, these are the products that would be put into it. But before I make the final decision and salute them off to new homes, I had an idea. I believe in second chances, so I will give this box of orphaned items just that. This will be my Box of Neglect Challenge for myself. I will do a series of posts on my progress for you all to go along with me to see my final decision for each product: to the box or drawer? Only time will tell...

I plan to use more than one item at a time (do you see the sheer amount of things I have in this?!) as I think it is the best tactic of choice. Let the challenge begin!

BTW, I don't plan to use the very rare Muppets palette by theBalm. I am definitely selling that. Or giving it away? I haven't decided. But I know for sure I am not using it myself. It is untouched!

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