Thursday, September 19, 2013

new kids on the block

I've been really trying to reign it in when it comes to purchasing new beauty items. I look at my drawer that is bursting with products and silently scold myself to stop adding to the problem. Nevertheless, I have picked up a few bits and bobs within the last couple months, try as I might to resist the consumerism in me. Good sales, influential bloggers, and sheer irresistible appeal of newness are all to blame for these new kids on the block.


I have had this shade on the brain ever since doing my Revlon Matte Lipstick Collection post. Revlon seems to have phased out most of the matte lipstick shades, including this one. Luckily I spotted this in Big Lots for a bargain of $2. Be prepared to see this in an upcoming post...

This brush has made me insanely happy and is my favorite purchase to date. The design is basic, it feels soft, and it buffs in bronzer seamlessly. I have ditched my pathetic looking MAC 109 in favor of this and I have not looked back. It is taking all my willpower to resist picking up the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour as I heard these get along famously together. Thanking Tiffany for this find, she's the one that brought it to my attention.

These have been on my wishlist and I saw this really great deal that G posted about so of course I had to check it out. If you have been eying up the RT brushes, take advantage of the deal while it lasts since you basically are able to get two brushes for the price of one.

Raving reviews, the LE allure and being a highlighter addict made this purchase inevitable. Oh well, at least this product doesn't disappoint. It is still available on the Nordstrom website if you were interested!

Ok guys, you know how pink lipsticks and I are on shaky grounds. I definitely feel more comfortable in reds and berries whereas pink is something I am attempting to conquer. It looks gorgeous in the tube, no? We shall see how it looks on the lips...I for one am wary. It looks magnificent (well, really what doesn't?) on Viola!


It seemed like everyone went crazy for the Phillip Lim for Target collaboration that recently hit stores. I checked it out out of curiosity and nothing really caught my eye...besides the Men's collection haha. I really liked the look of the travel bag. It's sleek, minimal, and functional.


It has nice little hidey holes to stuff travel essentials in. Masculine tastes ftw!

I long to purge my collection and live the minimalistic life but I suppose today is not the time. One day I will conquer the beast that is the blog sale. First I need to do research on tips and advice from those who have done it as I am very intimidated! For now, I'll enjoy the rush of new things. Have you hauled anything that you are really excited about lately?

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