Wednesday, September 25, 2013

dark vampy lips day 3: MAC media

We have made it to Wednesday meaning this vampy lipstick series has reached its halfway point. Have you enjoyed it so far? Hopefully you haven't decided I am clinically insane for owning what seems like the same color in each post. If you have indeed confirmed my questionable state of mind, humor me anyway by reading up on today's dark contender: MAC Media.


In the bullet Media looks like the usual almost black cherry hue that vampy lipsticks tend to have. Poor Media, I bet it gets ignored all the time at MAC counters since most probably assume it is a Gothic black color.


As a stain, this lipstick shows a distinct fuchsia base. Remember how scary I though fuchsia was? Well that hasn't changed. I rarely wear this as a stain since the pink in it makes me feel a little funny. Still, it is better than flat out fuchsia due to the berry in it. Imagine this on pale skin! It'd be wonderful. Perhaps I should try it out when I get bone white in the dead of winter.


Full opacity is my preferred way to wear this. The deep boysenberry is much more in my comfort zone. Media is considered a satin finish by MAC's categorization; not quite matte but not quite shiny either. I'd say I agree with that description. I enjoy MAC's lipsticks. They smell nice, apply easily, and feel comfortable and non drying on the lips. Doesn't hurt that their color range is insanely huge so your options are completely open.

BerryLipSwatchesLEFT TO RIGHT: TOM FORD BLACK ORCHID, REVLON WINE NOT, MAC MEDIA. The rest will be revealed as the series continues.

Media shouldn't be overlooked at the counter. Swatch it out sometime! Especially if you like fuchsia stains, this would last you forever. I have heard Revlon Black Cherry is a pretty similar to this if you find MAC to be out of your price range.

What do you think of MAC Media? I have always wondered why they named this Media. Whoever has the job of naming MAC products must have a ball.

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