Sunday, September 15, 2013

you don't always get what you want

With all the resources available to us such as in store testers/samples, makeupalley reviews, and (my favorite) other blogger's experiences, it is hard to come across products that let us down so spectacularly. Regardless, it is only statistically logical that we will eventually come across some major duds throughout our journey as beauty junkies. It would be quite impossible for everyone to love everything available in this massive market we have taken part of. I haven't ever done a "don't believe the hype" like post before so I thought I would add a dose of my disappointing products for you to read.


Right, so keep in mind these are of course MY experiences and just because I find some of these items dull and sad doesn't mean it won't work out for you especially since a few of these products are cult favorites for the general public. Don't take my word for it; testing out new products yourself is half the fun!


Starting my post off with a bang, aren't I? This is arguably one of the most beloved highlighters in the beauty world. I find it...mediocre. At best. I have tried to make myself understand why this is so popular. I apply it and I just don't get it. It isn't unflattering but isn't very noticeable or worthy of praise. I much prefer theBalm Mary Lou-manizer because the shimmer is more refined and the texture is much softer. Regardless, I can't bring myself to get rid of this. I am waiting for my light bulb AHA! moment with it.

I have had this product for years, probably around the time I first really got into makeup. The color is very enticing, yes? Such a shame that the formula is abysmal. With or without primer this creases on me within 10 minutes. I suppose if I purposely went for the crease ridden grunge look this would be useful.

I have these pencils in the shades Zero, Whiskey, and Perversion and they all do not last on me. Perhaps for the non-oily lid people these work alright but on my waterline and lashline this fades and smears off within a couple hours which I think is unacceptable for something that boasts a 24/7 lasting power right in its name. I haven't the faintest idea why these are so popular as I think they are quite terrible.


Don't worry, my dislike for this isn't because it is just water in a can. Hey I get it, it is refreshing and can be a great pick me up for those that live in polluted and congested areas. My gripe is that this feels like, as Sandra has said, like an old man spitting in your face. Maybe I got a faulty nozzle but I find this most unpleasant to use. I get no fine, refreshing mist just a spat of cold water dribbling on my face.

This little box has made me scared to buy any of the full sized versions that Benefit has to offer. All these shades look weird on me. I talked a bit more in detail about this HERE. I really want to try out the shade Hervana but I'm afraid I'll be throwing $28 down the drain.

I am a noob when it comes to primers. They are something I have always been intrigued by but feel like my lazy tendencies will flare up when I actually buy one. This little Murad sample came with some online order I made and I don't like this one bit. I notice no longer lasting results or differences in application of my foundation. Worst of all, this broke me out. Luckily it was just a sample so now I know.

That's my little round up of disappointments. What products have disappointed you lately? And more importantly, what primers do you swear by? I definitely want to try one out as I think my oily skin really could benefit from it...

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