Friday, September 27, 2013

dark vampy lips day 4: revlon colorburst in plum

Day 4 of dark vampy lips has crept upon us and today I have another lipstick from Revlon and yet again it is a discontinued item: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Plum. Another line that Revlon got rid of but you can still find some shades floating around discount stores and online retailers. I purchased this back when they were readily available in drugstores.


Plum is encased in a fancy quilted black packaging with a color coded cap. The shade in the bullet looks redder than expected. It has an almost cinnamon color to it. There are a few tiny sparkles if you look closely but it doesn't make much of an appearance on the lips.


Strangely enough when this is worn as a stain, it looks a bit magenta. This is another deep shade that I rarely ever wear as a stain since I think the full opacity looks more flattering on me.


Applied full on the plum is more apparent. The ColorBurst line has a bit of shine to it. It applies nicely and easy enough. I think the ColorBurst line tends to feel drying after a couple hours of wear which is surprising since it looks glistening when first applied.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Revlon Wine Not, MAC Media, Revlon Plum. The last shade will be revealed in the next post!

The ColorBurst line isn't my favorite formula of lipsticks due to it being drying during wear so I am not too heartbroken to see them discontinued. However, I really enjoy the color of Revlon's Plum. I tend to whip it out every Fall as it isn't too dark to be dramatic but it still has a nice vampy feel.

What do you think of Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Plum? Am I the only one that found this line of lipsticks to be a bit drying?

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