Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NARS light reflecting setting powder


I don't have much experience when it comes to powders. Mostly because I try to stick to one powder at a time until it is fully used up which can take quite some time. So far I have tried MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, and my most recent adventure: NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder. Although this isn't a newly released product, I thought I'd still do a brief review on this popular NARS item since I have been diligently using it since purchasing it from Sephora back in February.


The packaging is NARS's trademark black, rubberized compact. It is about the size of two NARS blushes. It comes in two versions: pressed and loose. I chose the pressed route as I didn't want to be bothered with the mess that tends to follow loose powders. Both claim to make makeup last longer, blur pores/lines, and diffuse light. You should check out the full description at the NARS website as it sounds fancier when they explain it.


Opening the compact you see that the product is a seemingly iridescent white powder. You get a decent .24oz of product. I have been using this for over 6 months so you can see I've made a bit of a dip but no pan has peeked through yet. I have provided no swatches since I thought it would be silly to; the product is translucent after all! I did, however, do before and after application pictures as I felt that showcased the product best.


Here I am wearing foundation and concealer with no powder yet. I have a bit of shine on my nose and inner cheeks. My forehead also seems to be a bit darker than the rest of my face. You can also notice the pores on my inner cheeks and some scarring on my forehead


After application you can notice a definite brightening effect, it is almost too much in photos. My scars and pores have been blurred out and my overall skin tone has been evened out.

Again, the shine is apparent on my nose and inner cheeks and even my forehead. Pore are visible on my inner cheeks.

The shine has been toned down on all my oily areas and my pores have been blurred. Brightening is apparent.


This powder does a good job at doing what NARS boasts the loudest about, that is, to blur out pores and lines. I think the light reflecting is a bit much in pictures but I did heavily apply the powder for purposes of this review. It mattes out the skin well initially but oil control isn't a strong feature of this powder as I still need to blot half way throughout my day. Nothing new.

I like this powder and would recommend it. It is decently priced at $34 USD since the amount you get is hefty and will last you a while even with continued use. It brightens and blurs out imperfections on the skin just as advertised. The texture is light and not overly powdery so application is quick and easy with no fuss. The translucency of the product makes it universal to use for all skin types not to mention is great to use all year round without worrying about seasonal skin shade changes. It can make the skin look ashy if applied too heavily and the oil control isn't much to write home about but I still think the product is neat despite these points.


I WOULD recommend this product if:

+ You have imperfections (lines, pores) you would like to subtly blur out
+ You want a setting powder that will work for your skin tone year round
+ You prefer lightweight powders that apply fast and easy

I WOULD NOT recommend this product if:

+ You have a heavy hand when it comes to powder application as too much of this will make you look ashy
+ You have oily skin and are looking for an oil control powder. You will still need to blot with this

I have heard the loose version of this performs about the same with a little better oil control. I think after I use this up I'll expand my powder knowledge by trying out Chanel Poudre Universelle loose powder or even the much talked about Makeup Forever Duo Mat powder. Have you tried this powder? If not, what is your favorite or current setting powder?

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