Tuesday, September 24, 2013

dark vampy lips day 2: revlon wine not

It is day 2 of dark vampy lips week, what do I have to show you? It is Revlon Matte Lipstick in Wine Not, a really wonderful hue that I recently found lurking around in a Big Lots as it seems Revlon has annoyingly discontinued most of the matte line. I did hear a murmuring of them coming out with a new line soon named ColorBurst Matte Balms which sounds extremely exciting. Perhaps that will make up for them phasing out the good stuff.


Back to Wine Not: it is a beautiful dark Merlot shade. The formula is of course wonderful, I've talked about my love for the bolder shades in Revlon's Matte line already. They always go on smooth and effortlessly without sacrificing rich pigmentation. The more I use matte lipsticks the more I think I prefer the finish compared to those with a sheen. It is somewhat less distracting and more focused on the color when things are matte. Or perhaps I am just going through a matte phase.


I have been absolutely obsessed with this lipstick as a stain. I have worn it this way for the past week. It is so easy and it has been fitting my mood with the changing weather. As a stain it appears as a deep raspberry shade.


When applied full blast you can see how it is a red based vamp. Wine Not is a really fitting name for it as it does look like a nice glass of the fermented stuff. As always, prepping the lips is a given. I think dry lipped people might have comfort issues with this. I have pretty normal lips and towards the end of the day with this on I start to feel dryness. Initial application and a few hours of wear is a breeze though.

BerryLipSwatchesLEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Revlon Wine Not. The rest will be revealed as the series continues.

Wine Not is a discontinued color but you can still find it over at All Cosmetics Wholesale. Not an affiliate link, just trying to help a fellow deep wine lipstick lover out! I recommend it if you have normal lips. Dry lips beware, but then again the lipstick is cheap as chips so perhaps that is a bit of a dramatic warning.

What do you think of Wine Not? I should be asking what your favorite type if wine is instead, I have a feeling that might get more fun answers...

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