Tuesday, November 22, 2011

favorite fall blushes


ahh one of my favorite subjects: blush. one of the most enjoyable posts to read for me is 'favorite' type posts. i thought i would do my top fall blushes...before winter is here!

i tend to reach for richer, darker shades in the fall. think berry, plum, and wine shades. i actually dont have that many blushes in this category, i'd really like to expand it in the future.

nars multiple tint in beverly hills
DSC_5428 beverly hills is a sheer, bright cherry gel. i love using this for quick looks. i have been reaching for this product for only mascara days. it gives that 'been building a snowman outside in the cold' cheek.

DSC_5429 the formula is a bit sticky but very thin and sheer so blending is a breeze (i use either my fingers or a duo fibre brush for application.) these multiple tints were limited edition, but i have heard they still have them on drugstore.com.

nars sin
DSC_5430 sin is a muted sparkling berry. i have been wearing this blush NON-STOP. i thought i would be sick of it after using it for 2 weeks straight but the love keeps on coming.

DSC_5433 there are gold sparkles but they dont translate on the face as such big particles, just glowy skin.

mac warm soul
DSC_5434 hmm a no brainer, if you follow my blog you know i already have professed my love for this blush. very neutral, great paired with any look (especially smokey eyes)

DSC_5436 not a berry shade, but i find myself wanting neutral brown shades like this to warm up my cheeks.

cargo lyon
DSC_5439 lyon is a matte wine shade. you can see me wearing this shade HERE.

DSC_5443 love the quality of cargo blushes. plus you get so much product.

cargo mendocino
DSC_5445 this shade is very similar to lyon, except it is sheerer and shimmery. it is also in the wine family.

DSC_5448 like nars sin, the shimmers arent overwhelming, no big particles transfer on the face.

swatches (left to right): beverly hills, sin, warm soul, lyon, mendocino

what are your favorite fall blushes? i wish i had more deep purple shades...most of my berry shades are red based purples. perhaps i should turn to illamasqua for my aubergine cravings...

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