Monday, November 21, 2011

review: nyx blushes


i thought i should do an updated nyx blush post since my old pictures are pretty pathetic and my fellow blogger, Dovey, was curious about the products. i would say nyx is most known for their blushes and eye shadows with good reason; they have a huge color selection, the quality is nice, and the price is so affordable.

my nyx collection is pretty modest. i own a few powder blushes and one cream blush. i used to own many of their eye shadows but i gave them all away to my younger sister since i barely touched them and the amount of eye shadows i have is preposterous.

the shades i own are expresso, dusty rose, taupe, and glow. on to the swatches...

DSC_5387 this is my favorite shade of them all. i solely got this shade because laura once did a post on it and it looked amazing on her.

expresso the shade is a browned peachy pink. on me expresso is a really natural color that makes my skin look healthy.

dusty rose
DSC_5400 this was the first shade i ever picked up.

dustyrose the shade is a muted rosey pink. when i wear this it gives me a nice pink flush.

DSC_5395 i picked up this shade in mind to use it as a contour color. unfortunately i do not like using this color for contouring, the shade is too grey for my liking and it makes my complexion look dull.

taupe taupe is a greyed brown. i have heard this shade is similar to mac's emote. i wouldnt know because i dont own emote.

DSC_5407 my only cream blush from nyx. the consistency is thin and a bit sticky, but not nearly as sticky as mac cream blushes. blending is no problem because of the thin formula.

glow the shade is a fresh dewy medium pink. it is very similar to mac's posey.

overall i would recommend nyx blushes if you are on a budget or if you see a shade that you find unique to your collection. they are silky soft to the touch, very blendable, and strongly pigmented. they can be a bit powdery (since they are so soft) and they arent as long lasting as higher end brands but for the price ($4-6) and huge color selection, that isnt much to complain about.

i dont plan on getting anymore products from nyx, just because i think other brands perform better and because my blush collection is a bit ridiculous. i do, however, have my eye on the shade raisin...only because the shade is unique to my stash and i cant find any higher end dupe for it.

do you own nyx blushes? what shades are your favorite?

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