Wednesday, November 30, 2011

001 items used up


my first ever items i've used up. i thought this would be a nice little series to add to my blog since i really enjoy seeing these types of posts on other blogs (like sandra's, ebru's, & julie's for example)

unfortunately it is mostly non-makeup items (the hardest to use up!) but still, they are items worth mentioning...

+ rockaholic dirty secret dry shampoo
this was just a mini version. thank goodness i didnt get the full sized since i didnt care for this. the scent makes me a bit nauseous (not nearly as much as tresemme though) and it doesnt give much volume. i am still on the hunt for the best dry shampoo (fredrik fekkai?!?). right now i am using bastiste and i am still not fully satisfied...needless to say i will not be repurchasing.

+ mario badescu herbal hydrating serum
background on my skin: oily & slightly sensitive with noticeable pore size. i rarely break out, when i do it is due to stress and hormones (i used to be severely acne prone but i went on accutane so now i dont have that problem anymore). my skin doesnt get abnormally dry, only in the winter/colder in NOW. my skin has been SO dry lately. i found this free sample i got from ulta a while back hiding in my bathroom and figured what the heck...

i really liked this. the only thing holding me back from getting the full version is the price ($30 USD for 1 oz, ouch) the consistency is a thin blue gel that rubs in clear. it absorbs quickly and isn't greasy/sticky at all. i didn't use this alone, (i dont think you are supposed to) i used it in conjunction with my normal moisturizer (CeraVe moisturizing lotion, if you were curious)

i would say if you have severely dry skin this probably wont fulfill your needs. for my seasonal dryness this was really nice. maybe i'll ask for this for christmas...

+ la roche-posay effaclar purifying foaming gel cleanser
i bought this at a cvs in new york. if you can recall from my last post about this product, it came with a full sized effaclar duo (which i am still using, and loving).

i really liked this cleanser. i loved how fresh and clean it smelled, how it didnt strip my skin, and how it made my skin feel clean and soft. i wouldn't say i noticed a HUGE difference in reduction of my blackhead problem areas (it is meant for acne/blackhead prone skin) but regardless i would repurchase this if it were more available in my area.

+ stila lip glaze in apricot
this is also a mini version. and again, THANK GOODNESS. i loved the shade of this gloss, a sheer light apricot shade...and sure it is moisturizing and didn't cause any adverse reactions to my lips. but this is SO incredibly sticky and thick. if you are thinking about trying out stila's "famous" lip glazes, please reconsider if you hate sticky glosses. unfortunately i have about 5 other shades of these lip glazes that came in a set together left to use up which i am doing at an excruciatingly slow pace...

+ nyc bronzer in sunny
ok so the WHOLE pan isnt gone...but this is HUGE people! i am ruling this product as done because no matter how much i swirl against what is left, nothing transfers on my brush. the product is hard and caked over rendering it unusable. this is a very good and affordable matte bronzer (maybe $5 USD or less). i would recommend it if you are on a budget, and that's about it. i won't be repurchasing since i plan on moving on to bigger and better things (dior and chanel mmm)

that is it for this edition...until next time when i think i will have a few mascaras and lotions as contenders...

what have you used up lately?

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