Wednesday, January 12, 2011

rock & republic blush haul

hey guys! back in november i ordered some more r&r blushes from hautelook (if you dont know what hautelook is, click HERE). i picked up every color they had up online (i got some for my sister as well for her birthday) because 1. i love their blushes and 2. i am a collector of them. if you didnt see it, click HERE for my previous review on these blushes. this time i picked up four new colors: lust, tease, bedroom, and immoral.


lust is a shimmery browned dusty rose. it definitely makes my skin glowy every time i wear this. out of all the blushes, this color is the softest (meaning very finely milled, product tends to fly about if you arent careful). it is a beautiful color.


tease is a matte lilac/baby pink color. it is very cool toned. i have nothing like this shade in my blush collection. i havent worn this yet because i envision myself wearing this when i have a tanner complexion, and at the moment i am paler (since it is winter time.)


bedroom is a matte peachy pink (more peach than pink). out of the four blushes i bought, this is my absolute favorite. it looks unremarkable in the pan, but whenever i wear this shade, it just makes my skin look so radiant and healthy. ive gotten many compliments from this blush. the color reminds me a lot of nars amour, but amour has more pink than peach to it.


immoral is a matte orange with pink undertones. when i first saw this, i was immediately reminded of cargo's laguna as well as a matte version of r&r's blush in all-nighter. i feel like i keep buying blushes from the same family of orange shades!

comparing immoral, all-nighter, and laguna

(from left to right) all-nighter, laguna, immoral. as you can see, laguna is a bit more orangey whereas all-nighter and immoral are slightly pinker. i would say if you have one of these blushes, you dont need any of the others (unless you want a matte and a shimmery, since all-nighter does have a slight shimmer). all give the same effect on my skin, a nice peach color. but i do have to say that all-nighter is my favorite!

swatches of all the blushes:
(from left to right) tease, lust, bedroom, immoral

have you tried any of these shades? i still want to snap up the other colors r&r has to offer, but they are never available for me to snatch :) these blushes retail normally for $40, but hautelook had them for $20.


  1. Nice blush! Never tried them myself but "tease" is a beautiful color.

  2. I picked up Immoral and Tease from the R&R website, they come to really cheap if you refer people you get $25 off and they were having a 50% off sale. For me, being in Canada, I got hit with customs charges once it arrived here and more shipping up front,so they worked out to be $30 a piece in the end. But ya they are nice, Immoral is more red than I would like, I was hoping more for a peach shade.

  3. All of the colors look so nice! I've never tried Rock&Republic blushes but they look really pretty and the colors look opaque.

  4. I love the R&R blushes. Packaging is just too cute.

  5. I've been wanting to try R&R blushes. Bedroom looks like it would be really pretty..

  6. I love their blushes! They are one of my favorites!