Saturday, January 22, 2011

blush ramble

i thought i'd do a little ramble about some blushes i have recently acquired. i got two new nyx blushes (that i had had my eye on for a while) from my grandpa for christmas. i know, very late discussion about something i got a month ago! but i also wanted to talk about two new nars blushes i got, one i bought from a friend and one from sephora.

nyx blushes

first up we have nyx's cream blush in glow (right). this color reminds me a lot of mac's cream blush in posey (left). they are similar in color, a beautiful dewy pink. this is my first nyx cream blush, and i have to say i am impressed! the formula is thinner (so easy to blend) and the pigmentation is amazing. i literally touch my finger very lightly on the product and it's sufficient enough to get the right amount of color on my cheeks. thumbs up!

i actually prefer the texture of glow over posey. i have two of mac's permanent blushcremes, lilicent and posey, and i have to say i am not impressed with the feel of them. it isnt the easiest to blend due to it being a bit thick and sticky. however both colors are so gorg and the product dries to a nice dewy finish so i deal with it.

next i got a powder blush in expresso. the color doesnt look special...sort of a blah color. but i really adore it. it adds such warmth to my face. i would describe it as a tanned muted pink. ive been using this blush very frequently lately.

from left to right, mac's posey, nyx glow, nyx expresso. posey and glow are very similar, but glow is brighter and more pink. posey is a slightly darker pink.

nars blushes

my friend, Hieu (he has a youtube channel, click HERE to check him out. he mostly focuses on estee lauder products), recently asked if i was interested in buying his nars blush in angelika. i of course said yes because i am collecting nars blushes and i didnt have that color yet!

nars blushes in angelika (left) and desire (right)
when i look at angelika, i am reminded a bit of my beloved nars desire, minus the silver sparkles. when looked at in the pan side by side though, desire is a much brighter and hotter pink.

nars blush in albatross
im sure everyone has seen and heard of this highlighter. i have to say, that i looked at this product a million times every time i went to sephora and i just wasnt impressed. i didnt get why everyone loved using it as a highlighter. i mean look at it, it looks so white and powdery. if you have had those same thoughts about this product, please let me sway your opinion!

i have been absolutely obsessed with this ever since i gave it a chance and bought it. in the pan it looks so unremarkable. on the skin, it is amazing! especially if you pair it over a cream highlighter. i have been wearing this over mac's ccb in hush everyday. i love the effect, it is glowy and perfect and not over the top. it isnt powdery or unflattering, it gives the most beautiful golden sheen when blended. i can not wait to use this on tan skin because it will be the bomb for sure. i cant rave about it enough, im glad i gave it a chance!

swatches of nars products
from left to right: desire, angelika, albatross, albatross over hush. feel free to sit back and admire the albatross + hush combo. if you have these two products, please try them out together. please? if you need more convincing:

here i am wearing the pair together. i applied the products in the normal highlight areas (cheekbones, top of eyebrow arch, bridge of nose, cupids bow). subtle glow...check.

as you could tell from the swatches, desire and angelika are very similar pinks. angelika just has the silver sparkles. i was a bit worried about the silver sparkles, but it is strange, when i wear this blush, the sparkles arent noticeable at all. very strange since every time i swatch the color, the sparkles are definitely evident!

well thats about all for my long blush ramble. i hope you all are doing well!

as a side note...i dont know if you guys have noticed, but on the mac website the blushcremes have been removed due to the new cremeblend blushes coming out in march. the bad news is lilicent is discontinued it seems, but posey will be back in a different (and hopefully better) formula! does anyone know if the stores are still carrying the blushcremes? i havent checked to be honest...if you see lilicent though, i would snap it up since it will be gone!


  1. i love nyx blushes ,, they are amazing

    and i love my nars taj mahal blush ,, its wow on tanned skin =)

    and i own posey blush by mac ,, well ,, its ok ,, i used it as a lipstick few times =)

  2. @princess feef i want taj mahal badly! its definitely going to be one of my next nars blush purchases. and yea posey is ok. i love the color but i am unimpressed with the texture

  3. Love all those blushes! The cream blushes look absolutely gorgeous. Plus I've been dying to buy Albatross!

  4. love the colours :)
    you're very pretty girl :-*


  5. thanks for sharing. i need to check out nars' albatross. it looks stunning! xo

  6. I love NYX & NARS blushes!!

    Btw new follower. :)

  7. thanks ladies for the wonderful comments!

  8. Thank you so much!
    You're SO beautiful!
    I'll follow you <3

  9. You look glowy form this combination...I wonder why they removed the cream blush...I love layer cream with powder

    Aesthetic Lounge

  10. Albatross over hush is absolutely genius!!! I usually don't wear blush because its so hard for me to find the right one fore me. So complicated :( but these are all gorgeous, I've been wondering about nars for a while! Great post

  11. I've never really worn blush - although now am tempted to give it a go!

  12. great blush post, i have been obsessed with blushes lately! i have the nyx blush in glow too and i love it, makes me well, glowy and healthy!
    thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry to reply so have a great blog too, following!
    oh and to answer your question about the wet n wild lipsticks, they can be a bit drying but they are super pigmented and last pretty well so i think they are worth it. they're actually pretty nice for being as cheap as they are

    Beauty Bag 411

  13. Thanks for this post and i enjoyed the swatches too. I need NARS blushes in my life. You are just too pretty!

  14. thanks for the swatches, i'm such a sucker for blushes ^__^
    you're so pretty in that photo!!

  15. Wow the cream blushes from NYX is so pigmented. I have a creme blush from MAC & I do like it. It lasts all day on me especially w/ a powder blush on top. Great swatches. :)

  16. Les rougeurs sont vraiment très bien! J'aime les couleures!

    Angela Donava