Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NOTD: elephantastic pink

i miss warm weather. i really wish spring were here! in honor of my feelings towards the weather, i decided to paint my nails with a malibu barbie pink color: OPI's elephantastic pink.

this is the first time i've worn this color and i have to say that i love it! the color is so girly and pretty. this color definitely makes me think of spring and summer. i cant wait to paint my toes with this color when i am tanner.

what do you guys think of the color? i actually never used to be a fan of pink...but i gotta say the color is growing on me...

as a side note, i will also mention that i cut my nails into a round shape instead of my usual squoval shape. i dont think my little hands can pull off the squoval because i like the rounded shape better on my hands! it makes me a bit sad that the round shape looks better because i definitely perfer square nails.


  1. I prefer square nails as well, at least on my hands. :) I like how the neon pink looks good against your skin tone. It wouldn't look nice on my nails.

    I miss the warmth too! It has been unusually warm in California lately though but it's said to cool down by Thursday. I miss autumn!

  2. I actually love the color!! I can't really pull that kind of pink but it looks great on your skin tone ^^

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  4. Love it! I think the rounded shape looks good on you :)

  5. love that pink color. its almost a hot pink color, but lighter.

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