Tuesday, April 6, 2010

viet town in chicago: cheap nail polish

i recently went to chicago where i got to visit Viet Town. if you didnt know, vietnamese people have the stereotype of always having a nail shop or having the career of doing nails. with that being said, i found it so strange that i couldnt find ANY place that would actually give manicures haa.

there were however retail beauty shops that sold opi, china glaze, orly, essie...etc for a fraction of the normal cost! usually opi is around 8 bucks, 6 if you are lucky, and where i bought them they were only $3.25! i was pretty happy. essie i believe was around $3 and china glaze was only like $2. needless to say i went a bit polish happy. here are my finds:

from left to right: dating a royal, prince charming, rainbow, rich & famous, raspberry, can you tapas this, quarter of a cent-cherry

OPI's dating a royal is as shown, a royal creamy blue. i couldnt stop looking at the color, its very eye catching.

Orly's prince charming looks dull but i saw my friend wear it on her nails eariler in the year and i loved the effect. the color is a beigey brown grey creme. i love neutrals at times so this fits.

China Glaze's rainbow was inspired actually by keri hilson. i prefer, over all, creme colors or solid colors that dont shimmer when it comes to polish but china glaze's rainbow is actually a soft pearly iridescent white color. the iridescence comes off as a rainbow just like the inside of a clam shell. i actually want to see if this will look like keri hilson's nails at this years grammys.

China Glaze's rich and famous is a girly hot pink color. its not neon pink, just a hot pink. i usually dont ever wear pink but i recently bought OPI's pink flamenco and i love it! so i decided to buy another pink shade because it looks awesome on toes :)

Essie's raspberry is exactly that color...raspberry. it is a creme, no shimmers.

OPI can you tapas this is a earthy browned red.

OPI quarter of a cent-cherry is my favorite red polish!! it is a vampy dark red where the color in the bottle is what you see on your nails. i love this color!

i actually havent worn any of them except quarter of a cent-cherry and can you tapas this, which i have to say i dont really care for. it is a bit too dark for my taste and the color doesnt translate as the earthy red color like the bottle shows.

any of you going crazy for nail polish lately?


  1. Bargains glore missy well done you :) I never leave the house without my nails painted its like an obsession I have lol... at the mo Im loving Barry M & Rococo, OPI are great too Ive never really got into China Glaze prob because they arent as easily available here in the UK :( hope you have fun with your newbies :)

  2. @ juicygirl, i know i completely agree with you. i hate having no polish on, i feel like my nails look so ugly without it hah.

    you are lucky you are able to get barry m! i want to try so many of their products but, like china glaze for you, i cant get it anywhere here in the US...