Tuesday, April 13, 2010

alice + olivia for mac

image taken from mamasarollingstone.com

i like to be updated, which is why i usually keep up with upcoming mac collections so i can plot what i want next ha. usually i keep up by reading temptalia (very useful site! where i got all the descriptions for the colors/dates for launch)

so far one of the collections that i really want to dabble in is the alice + olivia collection (pictured above) that comes out july 8th. so far i'm likin the sounds of the following:

+ Later pigment (Black with transforming purple pearlized pigments)
+ Sparklicious Dazzleglass creme in Creamy (pale pinky white with soft multi-dimensional pearlized pigments).

to read more about this collection on temptalia's page, click here.

a lot of the other collections either have colors i dont care for or have tacky packaging. not gonna lie, one of the main reasons i didnt even look or buy anything at the liberty of london collection is because i thought the packaging...well it sucked. i really did not like it.

im also really excited for the counters to start selling the pigments again! (jun 10th) i love pigments. they are super pretty and versatile. they have a better sparkle and shine factor than eye shadows. for example i feel they work better than regular shadows for smudging color on the bottom lash line because it shows up better. for me anyway. not all the pigments will be avail but at least some will be :)

any upcoming collections you guys excited for?

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