Saturday, March 19, 2011

style inspiration: vanessa hudgens

one of my favorite style icons is vanessa hudgens. i absolutely love her style. her style is very comfortable, free and chic. it is a mixture of edge and bohemian. she incorporates a lot of layering in her outfits, which i love. another thing vanessa does that i love the look of is piling on the accessories (tons of bracelets, various rings at once, layering many necklaces). although i dont like every single outfit shes ever worn, i do like a vast majority of them. ive noticed that we share a lot of the same items in our closet (some on accident, and others because i purposely sought after the items). for example:

chinese laundry sudoku sandals(img courtesy of
i love chinese laundry. i think their prices arent too outrageous and they have a wide selection of shoes. i love these sandals, i get compliments every time i wear them. they are very unique, comfortable, and they go with so many different outfits! i bought mine online.

chinese laundry turbo boots(img courtesy of
another chinese laundry shoe that is amazing. it is very versatile, i can dress these up for a night out or dress them down to wear during the day. they just slip on with ease and can be worn slouchy or above the knee. my sister got me these as a gift from macys a while back.

dolce vita aegean sandal (img courtesy of
these sandals are super cute. i love the crossing detailing. again, they go with so many outfits and they look super flattering on the feet. they are a bit flimsy though, its not the most supportive sandal. got these on amazon.

sam edelman gigi sandal & urban outfitters tank
i bought these online a couple months ago after lusting after them for over a year when i first saw them on vanessa. they are so simple but make outfits look so put together. i also have the same tank as her in this pic, but in black. its one of my favorite tanks as it has lace detailing on the front.

and the latest addition that i recently purchased...

MIA t-strap beaded sandals (img courtesy of
currently my only pair of brown sandals are falling apart. i have been searching for a nice pair of brown leather sandals, and then i saw a picture of vanessa wearing these and i fell in love. i love how they are t-strapped and the detailing of the gold beading.

who are your style icons? i know not everyone cares for vanessa's style (she gets criticized for being sloppy) but it doesnt matter to me! i still love the little chica.


  1. I can't afford anything that they style icons wear, but I like Olivia Polermo's style for sure.

  2. i agree with Justine. It's over my budget but I would definitely look for something similar from Forever!

  3. I LOVE her style. She is always wearing gorgeous bohemian style tops and the sandals in the first picture are beautiful. Now i want them haha

  4. i love her outfits. her hair looks perfect all the time.
    check out my blog sometime :)

  5. I really like her style, Ive never noticed it until I saw your blog. I think when she gets a little older and really polishes it up, its gonna be perfect. I give her credit though, its hard to pull off "sloppy chic", she looks cute!

  6. i love her style as well! its soo laid back an alot of her clothes is affordable or easy to re create! i love the floral look with the blck top! love Chinese laundry as well!

  7. thanks for your lovely comment!

    love the blog!

  8. You kind of look like Vanessa! :) My style icons are always changing, but right now I'm really inspired by Victoria Beckham's put together look, although we haven't seen much of her lately!

    Thanks for your comment!


  9. Great post!! Love your blog. About the lipcolour, it's a cheap neon orange lipstick! The brand is "No.7". I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!

  10. I love her hair!!!