Thursday, March 17, 2011

costa rica!

hello everyone! i am sorry for my long absence, but i am back. i took a trip to costa rica for a week and i'd thought i'd share some photos from my travels :)

the sunsets were beautiful

breakfast every morning included fresh fruit, gallo pinto (beans and rice), and eggs

me after playing soccer. for most of the trip i went all natural! only some powder, bronzer, blush and lip gloss.

our bed and breakfast tried to make "american" dishes, but the dishes always had a costa rican spin to it


we frequently visited this little place because it was near our bed n breakfast. its an ok place, their drinks and ice cream are good, their food is mediocre

guanabana juego fresca! basically pureed guanabana (or soursop in english) with sugar and water. it was so fresh and amazing. it tastes a little like a strawberry.

seafood rice. i did not care for this. it has pieces of shrimp, clam, squid, and fish. i hated the squid in this, it tasted like chemicals :(

fried fish, veggies, and mashed potatoes with a blackberry juego fresca. same deal, just pureed blackberries, water and sugar! it's amazing i'm telling you.

a good shot of the slums of heredia. really opened my eyes to how much i take for granted.

a filthy river running through this slum community. it smelled awful, like 1000 toilets, and kids played in it like nothing. they played hide and seek within it and if their soccer ball fell in it they would run to retrieve it.

another lunch, beef this time with pinto gallo, more veggies, and pineapple juego fresca

at an icecream shop called "pops". i got the flavors mango and gum. yes, gum. it did actually taste like bubblegum.

here i am on a bus at a resort while everyone else i came with went horseback riding :( i am allergic to horses unfortunately! again, im not wearing much makeup and i am sweaty! :)

getting harnessed to zip-line through the rain forest!

my friend zipping away

at the waterfalls within the forest. we got to swim in these, it was the best!

lunch in the rain forest. the dried plantains and homemade salsa were amazing!

a natural pool. they made the pool and added a slide but the water is from the waterfalls. so peaceful and serene.

me at a made waterfall :)

chicken with veggies. and a cas (a type of guava) drink this time.

at a bar called "mas tkila". drinking an imperial, a costa rican beer. not a stitch of makeup!

hanging out with kids at a community center. costa rican kids are so adorable! the girls are beautiful, but sadly they start having children around age 14!

me and some bamboo at a souvenir shop

last dinner of the trip

strawberry juego fresca. i love the cute little pitcher!

i forgot the name of my dish, but its basically a steak with jumbo shrimp on top and fries. i didnt care for the seasoning on the steak, but the shrimp and fries were bomb!

me and my team leader. i love this man, he was the type of person who just loved his job. i love that!

i hope you enjoyed the little glimpse of my trip i shared. have you guys taken any trips lately?


  1. The pictures are great, the food seems sooo yummy! You look amazing without makeup! And your hair colour is to die for, i wanna go back to black haha!

  2. i love your blog!! you seem to be as addicted to blush as i am!!! also, i ahve just become you 100the follower!! x

  3. It's really devastating how some of the most beautiful places in the world are also the poorest.

  4. Wow! I just came across your blog & I'm just totally beside myself with all the gorgeous and mind opening photos. WHOA! I just loved this. Everything was absolutely stunning (except the slums) That was sad. I've never seen a place like that. Those drinks all looked so amazing! The food did too. This was a really nice posts/photos I'm so glad you shared them! I can't believe the kids were so accustomed to that filth water! I could not imagine even being around water like that, much less touching it! lol

    Well, I thought this was just wonderful! Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful blog.

    I hope to read more from ya soon,
    warmest wishes,