Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NOTD: summer peach

for my current nail color, i wanted to pick a pastel color to reflect the spring trends going on. so i picked american apparel's summer peach.

natural lighting

this is my first time using an american apparel polish. though i love the cream finish, this formula was a bit thick to work with. i prefer my polish formulas to be medium in viscosity as for a smooth and even finish. this polish was really difficult for me to smooth out, i had to work harder than i normally do.

with flash

i've been rocking out this polish for a little over a day and it has already chipped on me. but in its defense, i DID wash some dishes today so that is most likely the reason why. as for the color, i like it. i dont love it though. maybe its just because i am not in the mood for peachy colors!

dont mind the little chip i did to my pointer finger :(

have you tried out american apparel polishes? are all the shades from this brand thick in application? i have two other colors from american apparel to test out as well..maybe that will be my next NOTD...


  1. I've always found them thick, but in a good way, very opaque and most only require one coat for me. Love that colour (but I love peach anything!) :)

  2. You're so beautiful! I just stumbled upon your blog from Will Work For Makeup, I have that same lipgloss problem too, heeheee!

  3. Cool! I didn't even know American Apparel had nailpolish!

  4. oh i adore the color. i've never used american apparel's polish nor am i really a nail person. however, lately i've been seeing all these pretty nail colors on everyone's blog it's definitely getting me in the spirit of purchasing nail supplies lol