Thursday, March 3, 2011

FOTD: spring fresh

spring, its all that everyone has been talking about and anticipating for. like usual, the trends for this spring have been involving bright colors. this was my FOTD a couple days ago. it is really really minimal with a little splash of color.

excuse my hair. i just wanted it out of my face so i haphazardly threw it back.

the central idea for this look is a bright pink on the cheeks and lips. i think it just looks so fresh on and wakes up my face. i used mac's posey cream blush and revlon's pink pop super lustrous gloss. i am also wearing a bit of mascara and the physician's formula vegas strip shimmer strip i blogged about in my last post as a highlight and eyeshadow.

revlon's superlustrous gloss in pink pop
here is a closer look of pink pop. it can be worn sheer or more opaque to your liking. i prefer it in between.

i'm not daring enough to add the brighter colors on my eyelids, so i'll stick with on my cheeks and lips :) are you ready for spring?


  1. This is so pretty! You look great with the pink pop lip gloss. I might have to snatch one the next time I go to Wal-Mart. lol :) Thanks for showing us what it looks like on! Yeah, I'm so ready for spring. I'm looking for cute dresses and wedges online and in stores!

  2. that lip colour looks gorgeous on you! i would def not be able to pull it off. have a good week ahead (:


  3. OOooo Ur pink lips looks awesome! Imma gonna check out revlon soon!

  4. I love the lip color! It compliments your cheeks !