Saturday, March 19, 2011

005 items im lusting after

time for another episode of things i wish to possess. sadly i must refrain from buying anything fun because ive been spending so much money on traveling!

jemma kidd dewy glow radiance creme in rose gold (img courtesy of
ive heard this is a really beautiful highlighter. plus its in the shade rose gold! just divine.

giorgio armani eyes to kill intense eyeshadow in khaki pulse (img courtesy of
actually i would love to try any of the colors in this collection. these remind me a lot of mac's "black" collection, but much more metallic and wearable. khaki pulse really captured my heart.

nars yachiyo brush (courtesy of
ive been lusting for this tool for a while now, ever since i saw blushingpixie use the same one in her video HERE. the price of this brush ($50) doesnt bother me, since i know great brushes are an investment.

theBalm shady lady vol 1 palette
sadly this palette seems to be discontinued! if i saw it i would buy it in an instant. ive heard nothing but good things about theBalm eyeshadows. and although there are vol 2 and 3 palettes available, i really like the shades offered in vol 1. if vol 1 never comes back, i might just settle with vol 2 eventually :)

illamasqua pure pigment in ore (img courtesy of illamasqua's blogspot)
i have been DYING to try a zillion products from illamasqua (their powder blushes, cream blushes, nail varnish...just to name a few!) but i really want to get my hands on this pigment. metallic bronze gorgeousness. ive seen so many swatches and different looks and i love it all. this product is so pricey for the amount you get! $24 for .04 ounces! (mac is 19.50 for .15 ounces just to compare...) a bit ridiculous, but i guess i am crazy because i would still pay the price for it.

and that is about it for this edition. what are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. the 8 pan wetn wild palettes is what I am lusting for, we don't have them in Canada yet, but I would love to get them! :)

  2. i recently purchased that same shady lady palette on last week! and ooh, i've been wanting to try out illamasqua as well, but some of the prices are crazy! xx

  3. @justine i saw some in my local walgreens and i almost got one

    @girlie me too..i want it so bad

    @heatherette lucky! i wish it was still avail, after you said that i went and checked allcos and it wasnt there :(

  4. I love these posts.. I wrote one recently and it's just nice to go back and cross out what I've either gotten over or what I've bought..

    I have Illamasqua's Ore and it's so lovely.. Makes your lids look sorta bronzy wet if u know what I mean.. But it will accentuate the lines on your lids if you're not careful.. But a great product to have for sure..