Saturday, January 25, 2014

milani bella rosa blush - spring 2014

There I was, just innocently perusing the beauty aisle of my local store, when I noticed a serious upgrade in the Milani section. I nodded in appreciation at the change as it was a sorry sight before and I was about to walk away when my eye caught something. A new blush shade I have never heard about? Curious, I released a compact from its lineup and noticed two things: 1. the color was vivid 2. the plastic protection had the words "NEW MATTE SHADE" printed on the side. I needed no more prodding, Milani Bella Rosa was coming home with me.

I have previously reviewed the normal baked blush line and while I do think they are excellent choices for drugstore, I find them too shimmery for my skin texture, which I touched on briefly HERE. Seeing they added a matte color in such a bold shade really was a good executive decision on Milani's part.

This blush is extremely pigmented. If you appreciate bold blushes you will love this. If you can't be bothered in careful blush application, you will want to skip this. Being that I do not discriminate against any blush ever despite its maintenance (or so it seems), I love this.

It does require extra work on my part, light dabs into the pan with a MAC 129 or NARS Yachiyo, careful placement on the cheeks, and extra buffing out with my MAC 150 powder brush. But the results are worth it. I am a sucker for bold pinks like this, they liven the face with such minimal product.


The bold pink reminded me of a few other shades I already own that pack a punch. Did I need to add Bella Rosa to my stash? Truthfully, not really. I could achieve very similar rosy cheeks with what I already own. But I will say I don't have any dupe to the color.



Texture is smooth, pigmentation isn't a problem, price is cheap. Lasting power isn't the best I have experienced, I get maybe 4-5 hours of wear time out of this. I still recommend it if you are into shades like these and enjoy cheap thrills. I wouldn't recommend it if you are a swirl and go type of person. Swirling is not advised with this one, you might be mistaken in having a bout of rosacea.

This appears to be part of Milani's Spring 2014 lineup. There was another shade, Delizioso, but none were left so I couldn't peek what it looked like or if it was also matte.

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