Friday, January 3, 2014

006 vain rambling

**This post contains one item provided by an outside company for trial.

First things first, I hope you all had a happy holiday and a great start to your new year so far. I planned to do a year in favorites round up like I have done in the past (2012 post HERE and 2011 HERE) but as luck would have it I accidentally left my fancy SLR behind with my parents. Since it will be a few weeks time until I am reunited with it, I figured it would be a perfect time for a vain rambling post.

If you are new here, my vain ramblings are brief snippets of beauty products I want to mention but I feel they don't need a full post all to themselves. For this post, it is more a dedication of showing what I have been loving, recent purchases, and a little preview of future in depth reviews. Also be warned, you are stuck with grainy iPhone 4S pictures for this one. Don't come at me with pitchforks.

Sonia Kashuk came out with a body care line which I spotted a display of at my local Target. There were four different scents all with varying types of body care (lotion, body butter, body oil, etc). I picked out two of the body lotions, one in Purple Seductia and Yellow Alluria. I almost picked out a body oil to try but I chickened out and went with the safe lotion option. Body oil worshippers, feel free to say your piece to convince me out of my fear. I have been using Purple Seductia with very pleasing results. It moisturizes well, sinks in rapidly, doesn't feel greasy, and the scent lasts most of the day and isn't overpowering.

Another recent pick up is something new from Maybelline; Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. I have only tried it once and the texture felt quite bizarre to me but I will keep on testing it. I plan to do a comparison post with this and Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner.

Also new to my beauty routine is Benefit Watts Up. This is the mini Sephora birthday version. I am quite taken aback on how much I like this. I say that because much of what I have tried from Benefit has been lackluster. I keep chiding myself to leave this little stick alone and use up MAC Hush Cream Color Base (pictured above in my daily makeup holder, haunting me with better-use-me-up looks) but I just can't seem to give up the glow it imparts.

I plan to dedicate individual posts for these new lip products. 2013 was definitely the year of me getting used to wearing lip color. I'm trying to contain myself to avoid a full blown out of control obsession with much difficulty. Must try all the lip products. I received Tom Ford Wild Ginger for Christmas. Spoiler alert: I have worn it many times since opening it. Waiting to photograph it in pristine condition for its review did not happen so feel free to slap me on the hand when its mangled TF imprint makes its appearance for its review post.

I was also gifted another YSL Glossy Stain, this shade is Rouge Vintage. The more shades I own the more it confirms my hypothesis that every glossy stain color performs differently and has a mind of its own. A little preview of my thoughts: might be my favorite shade I own and only requires 1 coat to give the signature substantial squishy pigmentation.

Milani Flamingo Pose is an older purchase but I have yet to wear it. That pink color scares me, but I will take bold lip chances for you all. Maybe 2014 will be the year I conquer pink.

I have had some skincare changes due to using things up. I'm back to using a Boscia Cleansing Oil I had hoarded up in my bathroom closet and I must say, I am really missing my former Shu Uemura oil. I have been using a new toner, Kiehl's Clarity Activating Toner. It smells of lavender and has a less fluid consistency. I will report back on if it delivers its claims to diminish scarring. I am also using a new cleanser that I really have been liking, *Sibu Balancing Facial Cleanser. I will give a full review of it with more details soon. I have also been trying out Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask . A review will be up once I use it up to its entirety. If you can't wait for that, I will just say I liked Magnaminty better.

That's the end of this vain ramble. How did you celebrate your New Years? Also, I wasn't kidding with that body oil comment. If you are a lover of them, tell me why. I'm curious about them.

Thanks for sticking with me so far my dear readers. Once I get my camera back, would you still like me to post my 2013 favorites and beauty goals? I don't mind doing it but as it will be half way through Jan it might be a moot post for some of you. Let me know your thoughts.

++ A Sibu representative sent the Balancing Cleanser to me free to review. This post does NOT have any affiliate links.

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