Tuesday, October 4, 2011

latest manicure

my latest manicure of choice is a far cry from declaring fall. i felt like having something a bit more girly and neutral before i moved on to the more vampy shades of fall.



i used essie fiji for the white-pink cream, and opi mad as a hatter for my ring finger. i would have preferred to use solely a silver glitter, like milani's silver jewel glitter or even sephora's "flurry up" top coat but i don't own either. i have been searching for the milani glitter all over but i havent been able to find it in my area. i almost bought flurry up but i figured i might as well wait until the sephora F&F sale.

as for the formulas...

fiji is a bit difficult. the formula is thicker than regular essie. the first coat was a nightmare, streaky mess, which i expected with such a light cream color. second coat smoothed things over for the most part but i still saw slight patches of my nail. i did three coats for a full opaque finish. if you were more careful and patient than i am when it comes to painting, you most likely could get away with two thinly applied coats.

as for mad as a hatter, the formula was also thick. but application was a breeze. full opacity in two coats, but i added a third just to be consistent.

what do you guys think? have you started wearing your favorite fall shades or are you still rocking summery shades?

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