Thursday, October 27, 2011

007 items im lusting after

what am i lusting after lately? funny you ask...

nars dolce vita blush
described as a dusty matte rose...sign me up. seems like such an effortlessly pretty shade.

tarte exposed blush
i dont really NEED this since im guessing it is similar to nars madly (anyone know if they are comparable?) but i love boring pigmented shades like these.

dior exquis polish
equis is the taupe shade to the left. look up swatches on google and prepare to drool.

sephora pro brush #55
i have a love hate relationship with my current foundation brush of choice (elf studio powder brush...applies foundation beautifully but sheds like CRAZY) so i am hoping to get this soon as a replacement. i have heard nothing but good things about this brush.

D&G light blue
been wanting this for the LONGEST time. i spray it on myself every time i see it. a classic scent.

what have you been lusting after?

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