Friday, August 5, 2011

whats in my bag?

joining in on the fun post that went around recently...what is in my bag! i dont know about you, but i always feel like mary poppins or barney and his magic barney bag since when i try to pull something quickly out (like a ringing cell phone let's say...) it feels like my bag suddenly has a seemingly bottomless pit.

my bag. i got this in california at f21. it is a camel color and is made of forever21's finest pleather of course. i love the simplicity of the body and hardware plus it was only around 25 bucks. if only i could afford alexander wang's rocco or balenciaga's city...sigh.

oh and the interior is just a beige color with only one side zip compartment (sorry i forgot to take a pic of the inside!)

all the contents. i TRY to compartmentalize so i dont have to dig so much...but i always end up digging anyway...

lancome hand cream.
i recently put this in here so i havent used it yet. when i was in school i had labs where i frequently washed my hands with the harsh soaps. this of course led to my hands being parched and prone to cracking. especially in the winter! atm i dont use this, my hands dont get dry in the summer.

pepper spray.
dont laugh at me. my parents gave it to me as a christmas present and i mindlessly toss it in every bag i use out of habit (i know, lame excuse. i really am not paranoid about being attacked...honest!) im not sure if it is even legal to carry this around...hmm...

syringe pen.
this pen was given to me by the program i went through to go to costa rica. i think it is super neato and clever.

my cosmetic bag. got this free from estee lauder. love the blood red croc! and the is perfect to throw in your bag.

DSC_3666besides my sephora mirror i got with a gift card and my WAY too many bobby pins (so THAT'S where they disappeared off to...) i also have:

bonnebell gloss in strawberry parfait.
i have talked about this before, i love the formula and color...i hate the scent. most will probably like it though (sickly sweet artificial strawberries). i wear this A LOT. it is super easy to just slick on and it is opaque enough to cover my natural lip color. this is super affordable get other colors but the scent really puts me off so i am wary. i rotate glosses i keep in my purse so i can use them up more often, but this gloss ALWAYS stays in my purse.

nyx smokey look.
one of my "on rotation" glosses. it recently was revlon peach petal so this was a recent switch. i like this color, but for some reason i dont reach for it often, hence why it is now in the bag.

victor & rolf flowerbomb rollerball.
love this scent, but i think it is more appropriate for night time. i wish i could find a dolce and gabbana light blue rollerball...then i'd keep that here instead!

nyc blushable creme stick in south st seashell.
i really hate going without blush for the day (i look dead!) so i like to keep a easy application (fingers!) cream blush handy for after i go to the beach, to fix faded blush..etc. this is a nice browned pink. it doesnt last long but is a good temporary fix. the formula is really nice...easy to blend and glowy healthy finish. i really like these sticks...i wish i had the LE shades! :(

prestige black pencil liner.
i dont care for this liner at all...but i keep it in here just in case. and i dont want to waste it by throwing it away. the texture is too waxy and it isnt black enough for me.

revlon grow luscious mascara.
again, this is for after i go to the beach, need touch ups, etc. another product i dont really care for. i look for volume in mascaras and this doesnt deliver well. at least it doesnt clump!

revlon nude attitude matte lipstick.
i always keep a nude lipstick in my bag to blank out my lips before adding gloss for nights out when i need to touch up. i usually switch btw this and colorburst soft nude.

elf all over color stick in pink lemonade.
this is very shimmery, so i much prefer the nyc stick. but it is nice to use as a highlight.

DSC_3672semi essentials. cat shades are from target. my wallet is genuine leather and vintage. my keys (i hate tacky). and one of my favorite necklaces that i wore the other day and took off for my optometrist appointment (it kept snagging on the sink when i was taking my contacts on and off).

forgot to show my phone...but you arent missing much, i promise. i am still in the stone age with my non-smart phone!

hope you enjoyed...i didnt have too much junk surprisingly! :)

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