Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY: distressed high-waisted levis

so lately i have been completely engrossed with thrifting. i will point the blame to clothesencounter's and heyyyjune on youtube. love their channels! they are so creative and incorporate certain pieces together in outfits that i would have never dreamed would work. plus i love the idea of getting one-of-a-kind pieces at a bargain price.

one of the pieces i recently thrifted were these levi high waisted jeans. i thought they would be perfect for a little DIY distressed high waisted shorts project.

the pair i picked up were around $4. they were in a sad state as pants(stains on the thighs, holes in the knees) but i knew with a little scissor work, i could turn it into something better.

first i tried on the pants and marked with a pen an inch lower than how short i wanted it and cut the excess fabric off.

as for distressing, i used a box cutting knife and make cuts into the jean and used tweezers to pull the loose threading. this took forever! but it was very therapeutic to me haha. i also used a cheese grater on some parts to make it REALLY tattered and distressed (you can also use sandpaper, but i didnt have any!) i didnt worry about the ends of the shorts, i knew after a good wash they would distress on their own.

voila! this is the finished product. i have to say, for my first time i am pretty proud of my handy work.

here it is on. they are a LITTLE too big on me, but im happy overall with the effect. i plan on adding pyramid studs to these next! first i have to order the studs....

i think it takes real creativity and talent to be able to incorporate thrifted items with high end/store bought items in outfits. i am so inspired by those who do this! i love this idea and hope to slowly add thrifted/vintage items to my closet.

where do you stand? do thrifted items freak you out or do you find it inspiring? i love hearing where ppl stand on this. i obviously think the idea is so fresh and smart. do you thrift?

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