Wednesday, September 1, 2010

koolaburra boots single fringe short boot

i recently bought something i have always had my eyes on and have drooled over for months. they are the koolaburra kettle black short single fringe boots:

if you dont like uggs, then you probably wont like these boots. i absolutely adore them! i love fringe, and i love boots. koolaburra is a pretty popular brand. if you havent heard of it, check out their website, they have great products. even though they are pricey, at least you can stare and admire :)

here they are on me

here they are on vanessa hudgens (although she has the double fringe short boot, i have the single fringe)[img courtesy of]

sigh. i love these. i cant wait for the cooler weather of fall so i can wear these to pieces.


  1. OMg I <3 these!! I got a pair of slippers like this last year for Christmas..ugh I ended up loosing them When i Moved!! And i remember thinking that I wish I could like actually wear them out because they were madddd cute!
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