Thursday, November 29, 2012

lip care: pots, tubes, & sticks


i will admit that even though i am a full blown beauty junkie (acceptance is the first step, yes?) i still neglect a certain area: the lips. even though i am starting to venture tentatively into the world of lip colors, on a realistic level i skip out on applying any color to my lips and instead heavily rely on some trusty clear balm. even if you aren't a beauty junky, you most likely have had some kind of balm experience. it is practically toiletry basics 101. so here i am, dedicating a ramble on some balms in my stash. some tried and true while others being brand new.

DSC_8262 the easiest form of application.

this is the first chapstick i ever used since my mother always had a huge stock of these. after being exposed to the beauty world and all it has to offer i can safely say i won't be returning back to using this any time soon. it is very affordable, a whopping 99 cents, and it moisturizes pretty well. however the scent is very "grandma" and probably the worst characteristic of all is it gives me the dreaded lip ring residue. my sister to this day still enjoys this. to each his own!

a cult product. i enjoy the peppermint tingle and the way it absorbs into the lips quickly. this is a VERY waxy balm which isn't everyone's cup of tea. i feel as though men would enjoy this product since once applied it doesn't stick around like most balms do. i don't love this nor do i hate it. at times i actually appreciate the way it doesn't give my lips some slip. sometimes i like the matte yet moisturized and soft look.

DSC_8258the most unsanitary yet usually yields the most product.

the little magic blue pot. i usually apply this at night before i go to bed or when my lips need some intensive work. i love the menthol tingle, the way it makes my lips feel, and how long a pot lasts for me. i think this will always be in my lip care forever and ever. i don't particularly like to apply this during the day though. a bit too medicinal.

this is ok. nothing revolutionary. it works and smells like lemons which is a plus. i find the nourishment doesn't last long enough for my liking. the texture is a bit firm and tacky in the pot but once smeared on the lips it thins out.

my sister just picked this up so i have only used it a couple times. i will have to update you on how it performs. so far it seems like a less intensive and medicinal form of the lip medex.

i recently picked this up since i have heard such great things about the brand. it smells like lemons and has a surprisingly more emollient feel to it than i thought it would. perhaps it will show up in one of my future vain rambling posts...

DSC_8261the annoying applicators. i always squeeze the product onto my finger rather than direct application. personal preference!

another item i recently picked up to try. i almost got the original formula but i love lemon scented things too much. will update you guys on my opinion once i use it.

i briefly gave my thoughts on this in THIS post. i still feel the same way.

i am probably in the minority here when i say i am not a fan of carmex. i will only use it in emergency situations (aka no other balms present and my lips being in desperate need of rescue.) although it DOES work and relieves my chapped lips, i really can't stand the taste. which is weird since i normally don't mind medicinal scents. perhaps it is a certain chemical that deters me?

i have tried other balms that aren't pictured (nivea milk and honey, blistex medicated lip ointment, soft lips, and of course lip smackers) and they aren't pictured because i don't have them on hand and wouldn't buy any of them again. lip smackers WERE fun though. collecting the flavors was the best part :)

what are your favorite balms? any you wish to try? i am curious about laura mercier's lip silk...

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