Wednesday, November 28, 2012

cleasing oil ramble

i feel when it comes to cleansing oils people either can't stand them or they love them, myself being in the latter category. my first taste of the oily concoction was a couple years back in the form of a mini shu uemura bottle that was conveniently located in the train of bins by the checkout counter in sephora, a section i always enjoy taking a gander at before leaving. presently i have tried versions by shu uemura, mac, and boscia. here are my thoughts on what i have tried:


MAC CLEANSE OFF OIL(not pictured)
i currently do not have this in my stash but i have bought this a few times and have enjoyed it. however, since boscia is slightly less expensive and feels a bit better on my skin, i doubt i will return to this. i would recommend it though if you are curious about it. it gets the job done and breaks up makeup well.

i recently bought this and have been using it for about a week now. so far i like this more than mac's version. it feels nicer and rinses off easier.

i have only tried some green version(shown in THIS post) but i am unsure which formulation it was since it wasn't stated on the box. i remember loving the scent (cucumber) but that is about all i remember. i recently picked up the pink fresh pore clarifying version and will try it after i finish up the boscia. i am very curious to see how it performs.

overall i prefer using oil cleansers for face makeup removal which i then follow up with another cleanser + clarisonic. for eye makeup i find the best method of removal is with a cotton round + remover since i wear lots of kohl liner and mascara. but, since i do have my lazy moments (it happens from time to time :P), i have used oil cleansers to remove everything. for all three brands i still ended up with makeup residue the next morning around my eyes when used this way.

why do i like oil cleansers? well i suppose for one i think they are neat. i visualize all the makeup particles breaking up and being lifted from their job of being stuck on my face for the day and being emulsified gently away into the milky residue it was meant to be.

besides me thinking the whole washing mechanism is neat, my skin loves cleansing oils. it doesn't feel stripped and it helps with my winter dryness. i was very skeptical of the "like dissolves like" theory but my skin seems to agree with it. my skin has returned back to its normal hydrated (and oily) self which i welcome with open arms. oily is easier to deal with than dryness, at least to me!

what are your thoughts on cleansing oils? are you afraid to try them, hate them, love them, or are you in the middle ground? if you hate them i'd love to hear your reasoning. my guess is because of the unorthodox feel as it does take some getting used to. and if you love them i'm expecting to hear any favorites you have :)

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