Monday, October 25, 2010

sneak peak

i recently made a trip to chicago where i bought oodles of fun things as well as ate my face be ready for a post with more details ha. for now, here is a teaser to a couple lipsticks i picked up from mac.

any guesses on what shades they are? if you guess right you win a virtual pat on the back & astonishment from me! :P


  1. LADY GAGA!!!!! Comment from Hieu LMFAOOOOO

  2. st germaine on the right, and...... angel on the left? (not sure about that one).

  3. @hieu haha yes! very good. lady gaga is the left haha

    @justine, you are correct! it is st. germain on the right. lady gaga is on the left. angel isnt as bright as these two haha

  4. wow they look very similar =/
    thx hun for the post .

  5. Hey Hun! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and saying hi - much appreciated.
    Yay! I thought Lady Gaga for sure as one of them - I actually thought they were the same lipsticks in both pictures. I wear Lady Gaga particularly when I'm out clubbing because it stands out really well and it's such a nice shade with smokey eyes :)

  6. @feef i know! st germain is more matte, a bit brighter, and is more of a pastel.

    @karen yes i imagined myself wearing lady gaga w a smokey eye as well :)