Wednesday, March 17, 2010


shows how much of an influence youtube can have on me...this just made my day.

my favorite guru hands down on youtube was yorkieluvs. however a couple months ago her account was closed down as well as her blog. and i was so sad! pathetic that i was so sad over something so small but i loved her thoughts on products, her style, her pairings with makeup products, her top blushes, and nail polish collection. she is also very articulate and classy. not to mention she is so gorgeous! ok enough raving, i sound like a crazy person ha.

but anyway, i have been seriously missing her videos/blog. today i randomly searched for her name in youtube (even though i knew it wouldnt come up with valid videos, talk about obsessed) and i saw that someone else had posted a video saying yorkieluvs got a new channel:

omg! really it's ridiculous how much ive missed watching her. she gives great reviews and has excellent taste so if you get a chance, check her out (if you havent already!). as to why her previous account still remains a mystery it seems...


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