Tuesday, April 23, 2013

shopping with me: forever 21 april picks

Am I slightly creepy if I say that I enjoy when people post about their shopping process? Oh it is flat out creepy you say? Well, I guess I am a self admitting creep then because I'm not going to deny it. I love shopping posts. I felt like spending money on clothes (actual clothes! Not makeup, shocker) this past weekend. My mind was set on finding breezy summer tops and flouncy dresses. Sadly no dresses caught my eye but I found a fistful of shirts at Forever 21 that caught my eye. Wallet friendly and great finds. Ready to shop with me?


I really liked the left minty top because it had interesting beading with strategic patterns. However I didn't buy it because the material felt cheap and it cost $30 and while that isn't expensive I knew I wasn't going to get much wear out of it before it 1. shrunk 2. fell apart. I did pick up the right top, the material was silky and the cut was basic. I didn't like it nearly as much as the first mint top but I knew it would look good with white shorts in the summer time and that it was a piece my sister would want to borrow from me.

My creation

I always have to restrain myself from buying only all black or all white clothing. The color palette of my wardrobe is pretty boring! But I wear everything to death. Practical! The polka dot shirt I actually saw someone wear so I had my mindset on finding it. Very comfortable material and adorable pattern. As for the tank, I am a sucker for black and white stripes, adding buttons just made it a done deal. I bought both of these.

My creation

The collared sleeveless button up seems to be the trendy piece right now since I saw so many different styles of it. I loved both of my picks. The left reminds me of a tuxedo and it has black lace paneling on the sides. The right is a nautical piece, you can't tell from my shoddy picture but it has sailboats printed all over it. I do wish they were anchors instead, but I still thought it was a nice summer piece.

My creation

I bought the whimsy floral top on the left but did not buy the eyelet double material top on the right. I wish the eyelet/jean top had a better fit because I loved the idea and design of it. It was too boxy on me, it made my body look not proportional.

What do you think? Do you like shopping posts? Has any cute summer dresses caught your eye? I think I will have to shop online for those, nothing in the stores tickled my fancy.

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