Tuesday, April 16, 2013

006 items I've used up


Time for another installment of items I've used up. These type of posts are one of my favorites to read through on other blogs. Who knew us hoarding beauty bloggers would ever feel so accomplished USING UP things? I have quite a mixture of products this time with (happily!) a nice handful being makeup items. What did I use up this time?


First up is hair care, something I never stick to. I am always trying out different brands. I tried out Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner and I didn't care for it. It left my hair weighed down. I ended up using the rest of it for shaving purposes since I prefer to use conditioner in place of shaving cream anyway (no razor burn ever!) I also used up Ojon Damage Reversal Shampoo. Nothing much to say about it besides that it has quite a medicinal herbal scent and I didn't notice any damage reversal to my hair. I don't recommend it since it is quite expensive for a product that didn't deliver.

As for makeup, I powered through mascara this time around. Kind of shows that what I used didn't last very long? To give you a brief rundown of what I look for in a mascara: volumizing, inky black, doesn't flake, doesn't transfer. I tried out L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion which I didn't care for. It lengthened more than volumized which was a problem with me since lengthening isn't a huge priority to me. I also finished up Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess, which was ok. Nothing I would repurchase for the price point it is at. I finally got around to trying out Maybelline Falsies Flared. I didn't think that was great either, it transferred and didn't volumize enough. Last makeup item is L'Oreal Lineur Intense Liner which is a forever favorite of mine and I have already repurchased a new one to replace it.


A couple of favorites in this category. Used up a bottle of Seche Vite which is the best top coat I've tried so far even though it has the incredibly annoying trait of thickening up towards the end. What top coat do you recommend I try next? I also finished up the magic blue pot that is Blistex Lip Medex.

I have such an extensive amount of Bath & Body Works lotion in my bathroom closet that I don't think I will get through it for a solid year. I am plowing through them though and have been good at not buying anything else until I'm done with it all. I used up the scents Pomegranate Citrus, Berry Vanilla, and Mandarin Mango with my favorite of the three being the latter.

I've been having a lot of fun trying out new skincare items. I liked two items and didn't care for the other two. Being positive first, LUSH Magnaminty Mask was definitely an item I enjoyed. I was so sad to see this be gone. I really recommend it if you feel like your skin is congested or have been having breakouts. I also really enjoyed Ole Henriksen Enlighten Me Serum though I don't think I would repurchase it since I want to try out new things. I did a full review of it HERE.

As for the two items that didn't wow me, Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser and La Roche Posay Toleriane Lotion. The Avene cleanser was a little TOO gentle for me. It didn't break me out or make my skin feel bad but I felt like it didn't do anything positive either. As for the Toleriane lotion, I used this up when my skin was in its crazy dry stage and it didn't relieve my dryness. I also went through it very quickly which was a shame since the product was around 30 dollars.

And that's it! I feel like I have been dragging through using up items. So I leave you now with two things, a notice and a request. First, the notice: I updated my tags which you can view on the sidebar. I reduced it down to specific labels to help with navigation to what subjects you want to read. As for my request, what is your favorite topcoat? As much as I love Seche Vite the formula getting thick at the end drives me crazy!

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