Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas eve media


this year i have discovered i have become much more comfortable going outside the "nude lipsticks only" territory. case in point: today i am wearing mac's media, a recent addition to my lipstick collection. i back to mac'ed for this because if i am going to wear a red it is going to be a dark berry red. the bright cherry reds dont seem to flatter me, or so i think...

i also wore bobbi brown's pot rouge in blushed rose. i havent worn this shade in a long time and i dont know why. it will always be one of my favorite blush shades since it adds such a soft touch of color to my face while blending in the skin so easily.

are you uncomfortable wearing bold lip shades or is wearing color normal for you? i am still a nude lipstick girl at heart, but being a little bold can be fun every once in a while...

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