Sunday, March 8, 2015

014 items used up

Empties time! I feel like I powered through a lot of products this round, a lot of skincare and makeup staples bit the dust and it felt really great to finally throw all the empty bottles in the trash. Operation use up more stuff in my stash is going swimmingly.

If you have been following me for a while you know I am a fan of Caress body washes. They are cheap, smell nice, and don't make my skin feel squeaky clean (a sensation I hate). Passionate Spell and Evenly Gorgeous are my favorite scents.

A staple for me, this always shows up in my empties you guys have to be bored of it by now. I use this in place for shaving cream, cheap and it never ever gives me razor burn.

I remember a lot of people were raving about these newer L'oreal hair products and I wasn't impressed by them. They were okay but I wouldn't repurchase. I didn't find it particularly nourishing, repairing, or moisturizing.

This stuff was a impulse buy at Sally's. I regret it. It was a bit awful. If you sniff this from the bottle it smells similar to the greatness that is Moroccan Oil, but once applied to the head it all went wrong. I was not a fan and it didn't make my hair feel particularly magnificent either.

I enjoyed all three of these moisturizers. Victoria's Secret True Escape was a nice change from my normal scents that I stick to but I would only get this again if it was on sale. The Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint has become a winter staple for me, so much that I buy it in bulk now. It sinks in quickly, makes my skin soft and moisturized, and I love the scent. It also makes my skin tingle after application, a little extra effect I am a fan of. And another tub of The Body Shop Satsuma made it's way out. I have gone through way too many tubs of these.

I polished off three staple items in my skincare; Thayer's Toner, CeraVe Moisturizer, and shu uemura cleansing oil. I love them all, buy them in bulk, and have talked about them so many times here that you could search my blog and get countless hits.

The Clarins Lotus Oil I dedicated a full review post on and I feel the same way about it. I would definitely repurchase it and it really opened my eyes to facial oils. I was sad to see it empty! It really reduced my oil production and changed the balance of my skin for the better.

This was a nice cleanser to keep in the shower for my morning face cleanse. I feel pretty neutral about it as it did a good job at cleansing my face but it isn't remarkable enough for me to highly recommend it or repurchase.

I did a battle of the exfoliant pads post featuring both the Peter Thomas Roth and First Aid Beauty versions. I enjoyed both of these pads but I would recommend and pick the First Aid Beauty pads as my favorite of the two. They were gentler and gave me more noticeable effects.

I am not a fan of Urban Decary 24/7 pencils as they just do not last on me. I really wanted to love Perversion, it was such a rich, inky black shade and applied so smoothly. I won't be repurchasing as the lasting power is just mindblowingly short on me.

Cheap and effective. I like this and would repurchase. I just have to use up all the other concealers I own first U_U

I can't be without this. It is probably one of my top 5 makeup items in my stash. It does crease on my lids but it's a small price to pay for such a staple product. Plus it is nothing a little UDPP can't fix. Emollient in application and a neutral mid tone brown shade that is universally flattering. Can't go wrong. I already have another pot of this.

I really like this drugstore option. I can see why this wouldn't be for everyone as it can be quite full in coverage and it has a satin finish, but I love it for daily wear. It lasts all day on me and it makes my skin look so darn good. Especially in photos. For daily wear I sheered this out to make it look more natural, but for nights out it can easily transition to fuller coverage. I just wish it had a pump instead of a gaping open mouth. Can't always get what we want...

Another staple product. It smells heavenly and makes my lips soft with lasting results. I also like how it applies matte and not shiny so it could be unisex.

I am a mascara junkie and go through so many and can't stick to one kind. I recommend L'OREAL Butterfly if you have full lashes and are looking for more length as this product really separates and fans them out. This mascara surprisingly gave me the most compliments when worn, it made my lashes look very long and fluttery. It doesn't do much for volume though so if that is your main concern you won't be impressed by it. I rarely use waterproof mascara but I will pick up a tube every summer from Maybelline Full n Soft as it works the best for beach days. I tried out the L'OREAL Manga and it was okay, I wouldn't repurchase because it wasn't memorable and it clumped quite a bit on me. Lastly I used up a mini Benefit They're Real mascara which I also didn't care for. It did not give enough volume for my taste.

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