Monday, July 14, 2014

current blush rotation: brights


For me this summer has been all about obnoxiously bright blushes. If you have been a reader of mine for a while, you know I am a huge fan of outrageously pigmented blushes. Yes, they do require some extra time and tenderness when it comes to application, but to me the extra effort is 100% worth it for the effect and longevity. I have been completely uninterested in subtle blush hues and instead very much obsessed with my bright choices. My current blush rotation:


Surprise, surprise NARS Desire makes the rotation cut. I've professed my love for this blush for ages on my blog so I'll try to keep it short and sweet; a shocking, bright pink that always manages to flatter my warm skin tone no matter the season. Can turn a bit ruddy on some skin tones so it isn't for everyone but I always recommend people to try it on. A staple shade for me.

Desire in action. MAC Angel on the lips.


Laguna is an extremely underrated blush that NO ONE ever talks about. This is unfortunate as I love this shade. I would say it makes my top ten favorite blushes (a list/post I am scared to do because it will make me confront my blush problem). It looks like a cheeto orange shade in the pan but on the cheeks it sheers out to the most lovely peach shade. This is coming from a gal who has a hard time working peach blushes.

Laguna in action. Burberry Copper Lip Mist on the lips.


Lovers of Exhibit A would describe it as cherry tomato red while the more mean spirited might go as far to call this "clown cheeks red". This shade is another favorite of mine. I think this is the scariest blush to look at in the pan which is quite contrary to how it looks on the face. Really great for minimal makeup looks as a light dusting on the cheek bones gives the most natural flush possible.

Exhibit A in action. NARS Dolce Vita on the lips.


If I'm being honest I would have to say that lately Bella Rosa has been my most reached for blush out of all my bright choices. I find myself saying, "Kelly, you really should show some love to your other blushes today" and then next thing I know, I'm reaching for this little pot five days in a row. Such a drugstore gem that shouldn't be overlooked. There are more pictures of this HERE when I gave it its own post.

Bella Rosa in action. Revlon Pink Pop gloss on the lips.

NARS Exhibit A, CARGO Laguna, Milani Bella Rosa, NARS Desire

All shades are matte, which is something I prefer with such strong colors. I use a NARS Yachiyo for application. I have mixed feelings about this brush. It applies pigmented blushes so wonderfully since the tapered shape and flexible handle helps with precise control BUT it sheds on my face like crazy. It is also expensive. If I could turn back time I wouldn't have purchased this due to the shedding. When it reaches the end of its life I plan to invest in the Hakuhodo version.

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