Wednesday, March 19, 2014

nars gilda

I have a lot of choices when it comes to blush. So much that I tend to neglect many of them. Because of this, I've been trying out a new strategy of plucking 2-3 shades from my drawer and putting them in my daily makeup holder so I can rotate their use for at least a couple months. This helps use up product and it gives me a chance to get to show some love to whatever shades I picked for that rotation. Win win, right?

One of the blushes I currently have in use is NARS Gilda. I actually put this in my rotation to stop myself from buying all of the Final Cut blushes as it seemed along the same lines. I must admit, I rarely reached for this in the past. I was first interested in the shade a few years ago due to BlushingPixie on YouTube. She mentioned it was one of her favorites and every time she wore in in videos it made her complexion look beautiful. So I promptly bought it, tried it on, and wasn't moved by it so it stayed hidden in the back of my row of NARS compacts.

After using it this past month, I have changed my tune. It is really an underrated color. I use a Real Techniques Blush Brush to apply. Gilda isn't crazy pigmented but it also isn't too tame that I need multiple layers. A generous fluff on the brush and sweep across the cheeks and I'm done. Satisfying for fast blush appliers and pigmentation lovers alike.

In the pan the shade is your typical matte peachy pink shade that you can find in any brand. On my skin however, it completely changes and shows not even a hint of pink. It is a very distinct peach. Bizarre. This is probably why I wasn't originally won over with it. I have discovered that my most loved blush shades tend to be neutrals (like CARGO Tonga) or some variation of pink (NARS Desire). Peaches get ignored. I believe this is because I have such a hard time making them work on me. They either make my skin look dirty or are too jarring.

Gilda is a very gentle shade. It is one of those colors that isn't in your face but makes your skin look nicer than it really is. It's nice to finally have a blush that instills some hope in peach blush for me. Maybe I was being too harsh with MAC Melba and Peaches (both shades I own and rarely reach for...because, peach).

NARS Gina is very similar but leans more orange. I do not own it but I do remember going back and forth on which shade to try because they share tones. NARS Amour is also comparable but has more pink in it. I like Amour more than Gilda, unsurprisingly, as it actually shows up as a peachy pink on my skin. Danielle has excellent swatch comparisons of Amour and Gilda if you wanted to see for yourself.

Overall I'm glad I gave Gilda another chance. It is a joy to wear due to its ease and natural effect. Peach lovers will dig it, though you probably have a shade very close to it already. Admittedly, isn't the most unique shade ever made but it is indeed a staple.

SN: Can you believe NARS blushes are $30 USD now?! I remember when they were $25. Sad days ahead when it pushes past $30...

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