Sunday, November 24, 2013

TAG: the 5 product makeup

I was tagged by Jenny from My Funny Valentine (SN: click with caution, she will make you want to buy many many lipsticks/glosses because all shades look amazing on her) to do a 5 product face challenge. It is pretty self explanatory: make up your face using ONLY 5 products. I had to put on my multi-tasking cap for this one...


My order of importance: blush, mascara, liner, foundation, bronzer. I picked Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation as my base because I knew I could skip using powder due to its (overly) matte finish. I also doubled up its usage by gently tapping a small concentration on areas that needed concealing. I used my Stila Sun Bronzing Powder Shade 2 to warm up my complexion and topped my cheeks off with CARGO Tonga, a seemingly boring dull pink shade in the pan but an absolute wonder on the face.


For my eyes I smudged some Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Waterproof liner in my lash line and water line. I used some of the same Stila Bronzing Powder to deepen my crease as well as to soften out the liner on my lower and upper lash line. A copious amount of L'Oreal Voluminous Original mascara finished up my look.


I was surprised that I came up with a look that was so minimal but didn't look rushed. Made me question my normal 5425 item routine. The only thing I would have liked to add to top off my look would be highlighter. Just looking at these photos really irks me, my skin is in desperate need of some glow.

I tag Will Work for Makeup, Lil Lady's Life, Sleep & Water, Blush is the New Black, 15 Steps then a Beauty Blog, and anyone else interested in trying out the challenge. Have at it!

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