Thursday, October 31, 2013

hands on

For the past week I have picked up on a little habit: using my very own hands for a few steps of my makeup application. Is this taboo in the makeup world? I'm not sure. I feel a little guilty doing it as it doesn't feel like the most sanitary action. But as I am not a germaphobe (I am very anti hand sanitizer), I don't feel as if I am committing a huge faux paux. Sometimes your own paws yield surprisingly great results!


I think the last time I applied foundation with my fingers was back in high school when makeup brushes were unknown in my world. Lately I have been really enjoying the finish Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation gives my skin when applied with clean hands. The warmth from the skin really makes the product melt in seamlessly, especially with the thin, watery formula this foundation has.

I'm still applying my blush and powder with a brush, but for highlighter I have been diligently using up MAC Hush Cream Color Base. I am determined to finish this up! I really love this product and would consider repurchasing it. The best application is with a few taps of my ring finger atop the highest points of my face.

For eyes I have been reaching for Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #28, an interesting mix of bronze and aubergine. It has the ability to be quite shiny and metallic when applied with a brush. When applied with my pointer finger, however, it tones down to a natural haze of bronze with less shimmer. I like me a versatile product!

For lips, I'm still stuck on using vampy lipsticks as stains. I tap the product straight from the bullet on the lips and then I gently press the pigment in to even things out before it sets. Tom Ford Black Orchid has been my latest pick for this, I talked more in detail about the shade HERE.


I'm wearing NARS Sin blush here. Remember that shade? Man what a staple. Every time I decide to use it I fall in love with it all over again. One of my top NARS shades for sure. Gives such a nice flush to the skin without looking dirty or bruised. The lasting power is phenomenal.

What do you think of using your hands for makeup application? Does it bother you or do you prefer it? This no tools look is easy to rely on, it is easier, faster, and my favorite aspect, less makeup brush cleaning! Makeup brush cleaning is the worst...

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