Thursday, September 8, 2011

revlon expressionist polish pick-me up

i have been hearing about as well as seeing promo pics of revlon's newest "expressionist" collection. the only products that really piqued my interest were the nail polishes...especially the jewel toned polish 'facets of fuchsia'. after hearing that the collection was seen at many targets, today i set out on a search for these gems. great success:

ktstarry pink, facets of fuchsia, blue mosaic

DSC_4149blue mosaic, facets of fuchsia, starry pink.

i did two coats each for all of the colors and i think i should have done a third with blue mosaic since the base color seems to be clear. i am not too fond of starry pink, it is a bit too milky for my taste and it covers up the glitter. as for facets of fuchsia...

indoor lighting

outdoor lighting

DSC_4154this color was really hard to capture, but it has a blackened base with two different pieces of fuchsia glitter (small round, big hexagonal) speckled throughout it. the glitter wasnt hard to make show up, i just brushed like normal and the pieces aligned themselves.

i really enjoy this color. it is definitely a unique attribute to my collection. i have been hearing this shade is a pretty good dupe for deborah lippman's bad romance (i dont own this, so i cant compare!)

i picked these up at my local target (they were just in the revlon permanent nail polish section) for a little less than $4. target has a coupon right now for $1 off revlon cosmetics, so take advantage of it if you want to try these polishes out! there was also a creamy beige-grey color called smokey canvas, but i didnt pick it up because it looked similar to some essie colors i have already.

what do you guys think? do you like the looks of these polishes or are you going to pass?

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