Wednesday, September 7, 2011

002 my world according to my phone

i hand-washed my thrift finds the other day and air dried them on a laundry line. how old fashioned eh?

i have been OBSESSED with my short taupe steve madden boots. they go with everything (seriously, i havent worn another pair of shoes all month) i wear from shorts to skinnies.

i have been loving red nail varnish and my f21 knuckle ring. i love the design on the ring and the color. my polish is essie lollipop (excellent formula)

i found this ralph lauren cream shoulder button up at a new thrift store i found and i think it looks SO funny on. i had to share it with you guys. i feel like it is a pajama top! too bad, i think they details are really neat but are just executed wrong. perhaps if the shape of the overall shirt was different it would be better. needless to say i didnt get this.

i have been wearing stila's gloss in apricot like crazy. mostly just to use it up (it was a mini version) but i really love the color. too bad the formula is AWFUL. it is so incredibly sticky. i would never get the full version. i dont recommend it, especially if you hate stickiness.

i am wearing the gloss here as well. i also have been loving not wearing any liner on my top lid. ive just been smudging darker shadows in the outer corners to make my lashes seem fuller. saves time and the results are a really natural pretty eye.

what have you all been up to? i hope you had a great labor day wkd.

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