Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 favorites: makeup

2014 wasn't a very adventurous year for me makeup wise. I don't think I bought anything new at all besides essentials like mascara and foundation, both which aren't terribly exciting. Nonetheless, here are my makeup favorites for the 2014 year.

MAC Groundwork Paint Pot
I believe I have talked enough about this little pot of goodness on my blog but a breakdown: perfect matte mid-tone brown for a nice wash all over the lid that gives an effortless put together look in a second. Can also be used as a base for smokier looks. My pot is almost gone but I already have another waiting to be used. It is one of my essential makeup items I don't like being without.

Miani Bella Rosa Blush
I pretty much wore this blush exclusively for a good half of the year, especially in the summer time. It packs a punch in the color department but doesn't give clown cheeks if worn right. It is super affordable as well.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation
I bought a couple of bottles of this foundation this year as a throwback since I used to wear it all throughout my high school days and I wanted to see if I still enjoyed it. I do. It is a bit high in coverage for my liking but that just makes the bottle last longer for me as I only use a small amount on a daily basis. It is long lasting, decent at oil control, and it looks really great in photos.

L'Oreal Butterfly Mascara
This came as a surprise as I initially didn't care too much for this mascara. I thought it didn't give enough volume or intensity to my lashes. But like any good L'Oreal mascara, this just needs some aging for its true performance to shine through. I have gotten the most compliments over my lashes with this mascara. It really gives nice, long, fluttery lashes once the formula thickens up a bit from being open.

Smashbox Filter Trio
Mentioned countless times on here. Smashbox makes some good shadows, don't pass over them!

NARS Gilda
This was my second most loved blush this year. If I wasn't wearing Milani Bella Rosa, I was most likely in the mood for a soft color so Gilda was my choice. It isn't the most unique color on the planet but it is still a great color that is universally flattering.

Bonus, my favorite scent of 2014 is actually a men's fragrance: Hermes Terre D'Hermes. It smells strongly of cedar so if woods aren't your thing, stay away. But if cedar gives you life you will love this. I can't get enough of it and I don't even care that it is supposed to be for men. Gender roles are overrated. Happy New Year everyone! I look forward to a fresh start every year so bring on 2015!

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